North American Business Award 2020: Top Tier Group Inc. Gets Recognized for Its Impressive Feats


Every business is looking for a way to stand out from its competition. Awards like the North American Business Award honor those companies, highlighting the mark they’ve made in their respective industries. In 2020, the North American Business award went to Top Tier Group Inc. (@toptiergroupinc). As a logistics and distribution company, Top Tier Group Inc. stood out as an impressive business. Founded and operated by Michael Theodorou and COO Damian Lupo, the company is well poised to expand. However, Theodorou says their growth wasn’t an overnight success story. Top Tier has had a long road getting to this point in their development. But the founders say they always kept the faith and never gave up on their success.

Shifting Gears Into Action Theodorou says he came up with the idea of Top Tier some ten years ago. While it began as a “pen-and-paper idea,” Theodorou says he took the initiative to turn it into a real business. Things moved quickly after that, he says, with the company setting up supply chains locally and then worldwide. A previous failed business relationship also gave Theodorou some insight into what not to do, he says. Armed with this knowledge and a dream of success, Theodorou founded Top Tier. Today, the company’s success is evident. Top Tier Group Inc is well-known across North America and now looking at overseas expansion.

Winning The Modern Removals Company of the Year Top Tier Moving and Storage is Top Tier Group’s subsidiary company that copped the North American Business Awards. Despite the company’s small team of fifty employees, it’s pretty efficient at what it does, says Theodorou, believing social media has had a huge role to play in this. The company’s Instagram handle has over 700,000 active followers. But Theodorou says Top Tier Moving and Storage wouldn’t exist if he hadn’t seen the advantage of making the business pivot. Theodorou says he noticed the need for a company that catered specifically to high-end storage with specific needs. As a result, Top Tier Moving and Storage came into its own. Today, Theodorou says Top Tier is looking at taking its brand name overseas and capitalizing on its current successes.

Business Practices to Be Proud Of Thanks to mergers and acquisitions, Top Tier Group Inc has amalgamated several companies helping the growth of the business snowball. Top Tier has claimed the position as one of North America’s leaders in logistics and distribution. Innovation and constant adaptation have made the company a force to be reckoned with. In addition to Top Tier’s North American Business Award, the company’s other accolades include distributing medical supplies to several international locations. The business’s ability to pivot and change on the fly is what makes it a unique contender worldwide, believes Theodorou. Whether it’s storage or PPE, Top Tier stands behind its products, he says.

With the business world evolving, Top Tier already has plans to open locations overseas. Their expertise in dealing with international regulations will come in handy in setting up these locations, says Theodorou. High demand has spurred the business to greater heights. However, their ability to navigate these challenges is what will make them stand out, he says. With time, Theodorou says Top Tier Group Inc. may even become one of the leading international names in its industry.

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