For Karlton Dennis, Problem Solving Is Key When Starting A Business

Karlton Dennis
Karlton Dennis

When starting anything new, it’s hard to see the forest through the trees. Without getting a look at the bigger picture, it’s easy to get lost in the minor details. But Karlton Dennis says that if you focus on problem solving for your customer, you will learn to understand their needs.

Most people don’t like getting bogged down by details, but that’s where Karlton lives. He’s become a successful tax strategist helping investors and small business owners save millions. By systemizing, simplifying, and providing nitty-gritty details, he gives his customers confidence to build a profitable business. “Understand your customers’ needs in its entirety. The better listener you become, the faster you will progress at becoming a problem solver for your potential client, customer or prospect,” says Karlton Dennis.

One thing Karlton quickly realized was the severe lack of tax education for taxpayers. So, he’s learned how to make leveraging tax codes easy to understand for everyone and created tax education courses to help people save thousands on their taxes each year. As a co-owner of his mother’s tax firm, Karla Dennis and Associates, he has helped over 3,000 small business owners leverage the tax codes to get the most out of their money.
To get a wide reach, Karlton did what no other tax accountant was doing—he started educating the masses through social media. “There was a lack of tax accountants educating taxpayers on tax strategies to help them reduce their tax bill. I saw a need that needed to be filled, and no other accountant was using social media as a platform to educate taxpayers,” says Karlton Dennis.

Business owners often feel they have to balance scaling their business against the cannibalization of taxes. But, thanks to Karlton’s vast knowledge, that fear can be put to rest. By understanding which tax breaks they are entitled to, businesses can save money as they grow.

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