Dr. Salman Shahid received Pakistan achievement award for his exemplary work during covid.

Dr. Salman Shahid
Dr. Salman Shahid

11th Pakistan Achievement Award 2021 happened in London on Friday 22nd October. It was attended by several dignitaries and celebrities. This initiative was taken 10 years ago to recognize and acknowledge the contribution of British Pakistanis working in various sectors in Great Britain.

This year’s Pakistan Achievement ‘Award for Star of Community Services 2021’ for work during COVID was given to Dr. Salman Shahid for his tireless during pandemic.
He did a serious of informational videos and LIVE sessions to create awareness of disease.
He advocated in bringing the balance of mental and physical health for individuals affected during COVID. Rather going for a conventional doctor’s approach he worked relentlessly to counter the spread of misinformation about the Coronavirus across the globe and ensured raising awareness among various communities.

Being a British Pakistani It’s an honor not only for Dr. Shahid individually but for both countries ,that such heroes are recognized and appreciated through such platforms.
Hats off to all our doctors, nurses, healthcare professional and other employees who worked throughout the Pandemic, for they are the true heroes.

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