Barry Kibwika, Aka Harnun: An Multi-Faceted Millennial Entrepreneur And Fashion Designer

Barry Kibwika
Barry Kibwika

Taking giant strides across the fashion realm with his brands “Sabaa” and “The 47th Dynasty”, Barry Kibwika exudes sheer passion and brilliance.

Each sector is exploring so widely in collaboration with three astonishing domains- social media, digital platform and innovative technology which have extremely changed the working methods and made it more efficient and effective. There is no doubt about the fact that the way some young gems are exploring their skills so brilliantly, it has helped them colossal results in their respective fields to grow globally. Today’s young talent know the right implementation of all the domains. Meet one such young talent of fashion world designing the modern era with the touch of his ancient culture which makes his creativity unique and pro – Barry Kibwika aka Harnun.

The young entrepreneur was born in Africa and raised in Uganda Kampala Florida, United states. His affinity towards designing and the fashion world was quite evident since he was a kid. Embarking upon his fashion journey, Harnun stood the test of time and has established himself as one of the finest fashion designers in the country. With more than 15 years of rich experience in the fashion industry, today he has gained much popularity for his unique creations. He is the chief director at Sabaa and 47th Dynasty fashion line. In his early days of his career his brand SABAA collaborated with Angela Simmons. It was the first brand ever to have e-commerce Website and Fashion show, when she first launched. Harnun is not only successful entrepreneur, he is also an author and has launched his new book named “The return back to self love.”

Being extremely passionate and driven for his work, Harnun designed many creative designs which propelled him in many ways to work and design for many famous personalities and celebrities. Some of those famous artists are French Montana, Chris Brown, and as of late Author and Holistic Healer Queen Afua.

Barry Kibwika
Barry Kibwika

Harnun through his design in many ways wants to give homage to what was once forgotten with a modern twist and reclaim his cultural essence through the way they dress. Most of their designs start with a simple idea and a rough sketch, keeping it simple yet classy and noble in many ways.

Harnun ultimate goal is to inspire people of color all over the world to embrace and discover their own cultural history. He also wishes to create a spiritual community with cultural identity that practices meditation, yoga and spirituality.

For more information, follow him on Instagram: @harnunofficial and also visit his website:



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