Don’t Mistake Michael Ferrera for a Fashion Designer Only, Here Is What Else He Is Doing

Michael Ferrera
Michael Ferrera

If you are a fashion geek, you would have heard of Michael Ferrera Custom Clothing. It has been in the business for 17 years now, and the company’s unique and exclusive designs have changed the way we perceive fashion. Michael Ferrera, the founder of the company and a big name in the fashion world, chose the industry because he wanted to jump out of the stream, unfollow the prevailing trend and make himself some unique, unexampled fashion. 

The idea worked a great deal. Michael successfully created a ‘fashion of his own’ at the age of 18 when he created his first clothing line, Maestro Tech. Fast forward to the next eight years, he expanded his idea nationwide and, to date, has been designing clothes the way you want him to.

However, his talents aren’t restricted to fashion only. Being an entrepreneur by heart, he’s leading other ventures as well.

On the top of these businesses is The Boring Financial Company. As a second-generation wealth management firm, the company specializes in strategic investment advice and estate planning for Ultra High Net Worth individual families and companies. Founded in 2020, The Boring Financial Company operates from the hometown of Michael Ferrera, Los Angeles. 

Michael is also rendering his investment advisory services in Independent Capital Management. With the help of this role at ICM, Michael creates investment portfolios for individuals and companies, primarily in the greater Los Angeles area. Furthermore, Independent Capital Management is where Michael had his first financial position after graduation. He worked here with utter dedication, brought order to his life, and helped clients in financial planning. And with the earnings out of this job, he expanded his clothing company and established The Michael Ferrera Brand. 

Besides, Michael has a passion for philanthropic pursuits. For that reason, he is currently a board member of the Los Angeles Urban League, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping American minorities, including black Americans, to ‘secure economic self-reliance, parity, power, and civil rights through advocacy activities. Michael was president of the Young Professionals division of the organization from 2014 to 2016 and focused on working on youth education enhancements, job equality, and justice for all. 

Talking of activism, it’s not a newly-found passion for Michael. He was a member of Alpha Phi Fraternity while at the University of California, Riverside. Also, he remained connected to UC Riverside Men’s basketball team, the UC Riverside Alumni association, and UC Riverside Pre-Business Mentor. 

Last but not least, Michael is an astonishing writer as well. He has penned down an Amazon-bestseller series entitled  “The Perfect Gentleman’s Pocket Guide: Modern Secrets to Etiquette, Style, and Charming Charisma.” This 254-page book touches on various aspects of the question, ‘what makes a person a gentleman?’ and discusses essential elements required to be a ‘perfect gentleman in the imperfect world.’ 

Want to enlist the book in your TBR list? You can get it anytime you want on Amazon here!


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