Sona Mehandiratta, Delhi’s fashion designer influences the glamour industry with her own clothing label-SONARSH

Sona Mehandiratta
Sona Mehandiratta
Fashion Designers  play an essential role not only in the world of glamour and entertainment but even in the corporate sectors. Sona Mehandiratta is one such individual who has been a part of all these worlds and has also excelled at everything she has tried her hands on.
Every girl desires to look her best and feel confident on her wedding day or special occasions. A professional and creative Clothing designer can make all the difference by making you look breathtakingly beautiful and camera-ready on your big day.
Unleash your inner goddess with a beautiful look by one and only Sona mehandiratta. , one of the best celebrity clothing brand owner in Delhi.
Six years down the line,we have succeeded in creating our brand “SONARSH”, as one of the trustworthy, luxurious, yet affordable custom made designer label in Delhi. Sona recently awarded as the Best Luxurious custom made designer of Delhi NCR.
Sona Mehandiratta is one of the India’s  leading fashion designer .Her prodigious artistic instincts have made her indispensable to models ,brides ,influencers ,bloggers artist, corporate employees and celebrities etc . orchestrating her signature exclusive designs and collection – Sona is a dynamic fashion designer whose talent and vision have made her a top India’s creative force.
Sona, being creative and experimental since my Childhood was always inclined towards art and fashion. But like any other meritorious student of her age, she pursued MBA and landed up in a corporate Job, But since fashion crept into her blood, she listened to her heart to follow her passion.
Time management, dealing with pressure, making optimum utilization of the available resources are few qualities she owes to her short yet enriching experience at Hyundai Motors as a Management Trainee.
Fashion is a reflection of our true personality. It gives us the freedom to express myself through my work. Six year down the line, when she was a new mom, juggling between parenting and the strong desire to get back to work, her daughter’s first birthday party turned out to be a turning point in her life. She designed her daughter’s twinning birthday outfit  and received innumerable compliment for the same. It motivated her to kick start her own label “SONARSH” a customized clothing brand for women and kids, which is an amalgamation of her name Sona with her daughter’s name Arshia.
Sona mentions,”I do not wish to limit my fashion designing skills to just producing outfits. I want to use fashion as a means to make a positive impact on the society, be an influencer and give fashion a purpose. My brand promises to break the inhibition of people who relate brands to swanky pricing and out of reach for most of the people.”
We wish to become one of the most client friendly yet exclusively unique brand in terms of our quality design and service, serving clients not only in India but across the Globe in coming years.
Sona Mehandiratta is the Best Luxurious custom made designer of Delhi NCR. She has travelled to cities like Udaipur, Jaipur in India and foreign cities of Hongkong, Dubai Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and many more places in recognition of her extremely beautiful work and talent in clothing field.
Sona mehandiratta has created head-turning red carpet looks with flair and style for several celebrity clients, `My goal with every single client who sits in my chair, whether that be a bride, model, celebrity or the next door girl, is to make them feel the very best version of themselves. To achieve this, I personalize every look to recreate that special designs experience for my clients.”
Sona knows that she needs to keep evolving with the changing trends in the fashion industry. That is why she continuously updates her skills and tests new designs and looks.
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Sona is an expert at highlighting a woman`s inner and outer beauty with the right designs and her artistic instincts . All of the women out  there, just relax while you get beautified by Sonarsh’s collection , she will create the exquisite flawless looks for your Best memorable day !
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