Dreams come true for a woman who found her power


One of the reasons Jasamine Banks is such a successful OnlyFans star is that she genuinely puts her heart in it.

She and her boyfriend, powerhouse influencer FutureofChicago, met doing skits together. For the past two years, he has been Jasamine’s boyfriend and content partner, adding to the fun of working.

“We even went half on a baby,” she said. While they took some time off to enjoy the latest addition to the family, “After having the baby, we got back to work,” she added.

Work life, love life, intertwine

“My love life and career are pretty much intertwined but I honestly love it this way,” she said. “I love making money with my man. I especially love making money having sex with my man. Literally every day I wake up and I do what I want. I’m on no one’s schedule and I love it!

The mom of four had her first baby when she was 15, and it could have led to some difficult years if she had not found sex work to pay rent and fill the refrigerator.

“I felt like sex worker was the only way to make my life easier and it did,” she said. “It gave my child and I a roof over our head and food every night.”

She never felt shame, which gave her infinite power, which she put to very good use.

Currently, her mother lives with her and they also have a nanny.

“When I’m not working, I’m a mom of 4. I’m able to juggle running and building my brand with being a mom because I have a lot of help. They make it possible for me to focus on doing what I need to do so we’re all happy and eating,” Jasamine said.

From low to so high

Jasamine has some great plans for the future, and given how well she is doing – some months she makes more than $52,000 – those dreams are in no way out of reach.

“I just wanna get rich, travel to the world’s beautiful and exotic places [have sex with the man I love], and it’s actually coming to life,” she said.

During her down time, she loves to relax, which comes as a surprise given her ambitious nature. But everyone deserves a rest when they get a chance.

“I’m kind of a bum at home, lol,” Jasamine says. “I like to lay around smoke weed eat and sleep when I can. Next to being a lazy bum I do like to travel. Anywhere that there’s water is perfect.  I’m super active, super outdoorsy, and adventurous.”

Of course, the sex industry and the role she plays in it, including teaching classes for potential sex workers, is an ideal way to showcase her sense of adventure and her activity levels.

She teaches women how to “have sex with confidence,” which is one of the only ways to have a satisfying, fulfilling sex life.

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