The Trillionaire Life’s NFT Collection ‘NFT Gurus’ Presale for Whitelisted Sold Out

NFT Gurus
NFT Gurus

The Trillionaire Life, World’s most followed luxury platform on Instagram is launching their first NFT collection named ‘NFT Gurus’ limited to 7777 Gurus.

The Trillionaire Life is a luxury platform on Instagram with more than 7 million followers, including many Billionaires, multi-millionaires and celebrities members.

The members of The Trillionaire Life known as Trillion Circle Members include the wealthiest personalities of the globe who own plush abodes, exotic cars like Bugatti Chiron, Koenigsegg Regera, and live life like a king.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the rarest of things in this world are owned by the members of The Trillionaire Life. According to the data, 77% of Trillion Circle members are Bugatti owners.

The membership at The Trillionaire Life is either accessible by invitation or by member’s recommendation which is again a rare thing for ordinary people.

Talking about NFT Gurus, the NFT Gurus is a digital art collection of High Utility 7777 Unique Gurus peacefully Meditating on the Ethereum blockchain to cleanse negative energy and release anxiety.

The project has already been verified on Opensea and is featured on the official social media accounts of @NFT a Mark Cuban’s company.

A lot of celebrities with huge following on social media have shared the project on their Instagram accounts including Bollywood Actor and Fitness Icon Sahil Khan, Forbes Lifestyle Influencer Hofit Golan, Famous YouTubers Lucas Dobre and Marcus Dobre who have 24 Million Subscribers.

The Monastery is occupied by 7,777 programmatically generated super rare Gurus from over 50 Million possible variations with 100+ hand drawn traits.

First generation NFT Gurus is a collection of male Gurus. Each Guru gets its own individual traits and comes with access to exclusive events, community giveaways, NFT claims and raffles. Gurus are stored as ERC-721 tokens and hosted on IPFS.

Remember, When you buy a Guru you’re not simply buying an avatar or an art, It’s a utility token that gets you membership access to exclusive events worldwide. Holder benefits will increase with time as we work with the community to shape the project’s future.

Q) How many Gurus will there be?

A) There will only be 7777 Super Rare Gurus in our collection.

Q) How much will it cost to mint a Guru?

A) Gurus are available to be minted at a price of 0.09 ETH per Guru.

Q) What is the maximum amount of Gurus I can mint?

A) There is a limit of minting 7 Gurus per transaction.

Q) How do we mint a Guru?

A) You will be able to mint directly via our website using you MetaMask and Coinbase wallet!

Q) What chain is the NFT Gurus hosted on?

A) NFT Gurus is an Ethereum-based NFT collection.

Q) How can I get whitelisted?

A) New members will be added to the whitelist daily – show support in the Discord & help spread the word on Twitter and Instagram to help your chances of being added!

Q) What is the roadmap for the project?

10% – Community giveaway, Gurus will be air dropped to holders.

25% – Exclusive Members only merchandise and art store gets launched with limited edition clothing and products.

50% – Community ETH raffle, 7.77 ETH will be sent to NFT Gurus holders.

75% – Generation 2 : Breeding

Their girlfriends exist in the same metaverse and are looking for Gurus. We will start working on setting up NFT Gurus 2.0 to launch female Gurus.

100% – $100,000+ will be spent on the marketing. Gurus will be seen on Times Square Billboard, Top news publications and all over the Internet to raise the floor price and aftersales on OpenSea.

  1. Q) How can people join this project?
  2. A) Everyone can follow our social media accounts, @thetrillionairelife & @nftgurus on Instagram, @thetrillionlife and @nftgurus7777 on Twitter.

Wishing all the best to The Trillionaire Life for their NFT collection. Checkout their Discord for more updates

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