Clearing Snow and Staying Heart Healthy

Heart Attack

Thunder Bay – LIVING – Clearing driveways and walkways of snow is a part of living in Canada.

With the arrival of winter across our region, many people are likely to be headed out to clear snow.

Keep in mind that your health matters. Clearing snow can cause heart problems. For many people especially older residents, taking some extra care clearing snow, and remembering it is not a sprint is important.

Shortness of breath, sweating, nausea, dizziness, irregular heartbeat and heaviness or cramping in the chest (like the feeling of a belt tightening around your ribcage) are all signs you might be having heart problems.

If you start having chest pain or abnormal difficulty breathing call 911. Use a light weight ergonomically designed snow shovel and be sure not to use your back to lift and twist.

If you are using a snow blower be aware of others around you and turn off the snow blower before investigating any issues. Keeping your fingers and hands is important.

Most newer snowblowers have built in safety features, but some older models may not.

Also, don’t forget to clear snow from house numbers so first responders can find you in an emergency.