Delivering Supplies to Afghan Refugees | Cryptocurrency AppleB Launches Global Charity


Since the U.S. military announced its withdrawal from Afghanistan, the potential crisis in the region with the development of the situation has attracted more and more attention of the international community. One of the most worrying issues is refugees in Afghanistan.

From a humanitarian point of view, many international organizations and institutions have announced aid plans for the Afghan people, including some from the cryptocurrency market.

In early November, when the news of Afghan people fleeing the country frequently appeared in the newspapers, the cryptocurrency AppleB community immediately announced that it would provide humanitarian assistance to Afghan refugees and provide assistance within its capacity for them to move smoothly to a safer place.

More than half a month later, we also confirmed the progress of our commitment through the AppleB community. Relevant community personnel disclosed that recently, they have been in close communication with enterprises and organizations that may provide financial and material assistance in various countries, hoping to purchase necessary living materials as soon as possible and transport them to the temporary residence of Afghan refugees.

After great efforts in recent days, the fund preparation work has been basically completed. In addition to most of the cryptocurrency investment income from the AppleB community, some of the funds come from donations from public welfare charities. Material procurement has also been carried out in an orderly manner.

According to relevant data, Pakistan, a neighboring country of Afghanistan, has become the main destination for Afghan refugees to flee. Tens of millions of Afghan refugees have gathered in the border areas of Pakistan.

Because most of them are smuggled in to avoid the war or the oppression of the Taliban, they can only engage in the most unstable jobs at the bottom of the local area to obtain extremely low income. There is no guarantee of life. Sometimes this income can not even support the living expenses of the day. This is a relatively good situation. Most people don’t even have a job. It’s not particularly timely to rely on the basic assistance of the local government. It’s common to suffer from hunger. Some people are even prepared not to see the sunrise the next day…

Focusing on the most basic survival needs of refugees, the first batch of relief materials from cryptocurrency AppleB will include food such as oil, salt, rice, noodles, and beans, as well as daily necessities such as shower gel, shampoo, and detergent, which will be delivered to refugees in the region in the form of material packages.

The public welfare action of cryptocurrency AppleB shows us that with the great ship of history entering the era of the digital economy, cryptocurrency can also make great achievements in the field of charity. Through the fulcrum of cryptocurrency investment and leveraging the interconnection of global charitable cooperation resources, AppleB has made a good industry demonstration for us.

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