TagProtocol – The world’s first performance based NFT that auto-mines TagCoins


NFT’s have become the most popular form of digital investment in the current crypto bull run. It is a plight to discover a genuine performance based project in times when people are selling anything from Ape to Artwork and there are buyers available round the globe.

I have come across a fantastic project and would like to share the details to the community.

A project in which you can purchase hashtags as NFT. eg. #usa #football #love These hashtags are evaluated by their performance on Twitter through Google Analytics. The project creators are also working for social media integration simultaneously (they never stop building).

Price of a single hashtag was $200 when the project launched in April 2021. However, with the sale of each batch of 5000 hashtags, the price increases by $50. The price just hit $350/hashtag as I am writing this article. 

The #hashtag you purchase, provides you with TAGCoins every day. It’s like an auto-mining machine. 

TagCoin has already been launched on PanCake Swap and SushiSwap last week. The price of TagCoin has gone more than 3x from $0.02 to $0.10 within two weeks of its launch. 

However, TagCoin is not the only method to earn money with this project. A referral program gives a minimum of 25% commission on every sale. You can auction your unique hashtag at a much higher price. LP Token farming to begin soon. The developers of this project are consistently coming up with new ideas for use case, user engagement and advanced tokenomics.

A Referral ID (mentioned below) is required to complete the hashtag purchase.


The hashtag will start mining Tag Coins for you within 24 hours of your purchase. Finally, there are only 100,000 hashtags available for sale and more than 18,000 have already been sold. Ensure, you do not miss the boat this time. 

Thanks for reading. 

Find us on: www.tagprotocol.com

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