Tejas Dhoke’s initiative DanceFit live promotes fitness with entertainment precisely

Tejas Dhoke
Tejas Dhoke

Fitness is always synonymous with rigorous and hefty workout sessions. No one could have ever fused it with entertainment before different dance styles as Zumba came into existence.

When we talk about dance with fitness, it is always a renowned dancer and choreographer Tejas Dhoke. He is the man behind the idea of Dancefit live. However, here Zumba has no part to play. It is mostly freestyle and hip-hop.

Being a commendable choreographer and also a fitness freak, Tejas always wanted to promote the idea of fitness with entertainment. He did it by bringing the two halves at Dancefit live.

Dancefit live is a YouTube channel that has 5.45 million subscribers. Tejas with his partner Ishpreet Dang and many other members took his channel to new heights.

The channel includes six playlists each one promoting dance with fitness. Many articles state that dancing helps to burn calories and keep a body fit. Similar was the idea of Tejas with Dancefit live.

From freestyle to bhangra and Bollywood covers, this channel has it all. When they say fitness with entertainment they precisely mean it. The channel also includes dance covers with many famous film stars like Nora Fatehi, Mouni Roy, Tulsi Kumar, Dhawani Bhanushali, Guru Randhawa and more.

Tejas’s trendy and unique choreography has inspired millions to join the aisle of fitness with fun. He also drives his dance workshop under the name of Dancefit live. His videos generate millions of impressions overnight.

Tejas’s dedication and commitment towards Dancefit live is the reason why the channel is becoming a super hit.

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