How to Stick to Your New Year Fitness Resolution

Fitness c Image by Victor Freitas
Image by Victor Freitas

It’s that time of year again. Pretty soon, fireworks are going to ignite the sky, and millions of people on social media are going to be revealing everything about their “New Years fitness resolutions”.

You’ve probably done the same thing at one point. In the midst of the hopeful enthusiasm that a new year brings, you told yourself that this would be the year you would get fit. You would get a gym membership, you’d go three times a week, and you’d make sure to eat all the healthiest foods in the world. Only then, you went back to work, and everything fell back into the same old routine.

This isn’t an indictment against you and your abilities, by the way. So many people do it. Getting fit and staying fit are two of the hardest things to do, especially when it comes to keeping your motivation strong. But there is a way to make a New Year’s fitness resolution and stick to it. You’ve just got to follow a few basic steps.

Invest in Your Fitness

If you start the new year simply by obtaining a gym membership, then you’ve already made your first mistake. While a gym membership is a good idea, it’s not the only investment you should make. You should also look to buy your own at-home equipment. Unlike a subscription, personal equipment cannot just be “cancelled”, which makes it more of a motivator for those thinking of giving up.

Gyms are still necessary, of course, especially for those who are focused on muscle-building, and might buy steroids in Canada to assist and quicken the process. The various equipment and facilities are always going to be needed to achieve the best results. Just make sure you also invest in your own fitness equipment to make the idea of quitting just that little bit harder.

Focus On Your Mental Health

Getting fit isn’t just a physical thing, it’s a mental exercise that needs to be recognised as such. Most people don’t give up on getting fit because their muscles give in or their body gets too exhausted. They give up because of the mental strain that it can have and the effort that is involved. In this way, you need to nurture your mind as much as your body, and try to keep yourself as motivated and enthusiastic as you were at the beginning.

One of the best ways to do this is through motivational fitness books. Some of the best include The Mountain is You by Brianna Wiest, The Fitness Mindset by Brian Keane, and Do Hard Things by Steve Magness. If you dedicate time to read these books, you are giving yourself the best chance possible to stay in the zone and be inspired.

Find Your Community

Lastly, the quintessential reason so many people cut their fitness journeys short is because they are doing it by themselves. According to a recent study, 50% of people have “Gym-xiety”, which means they don’t go to the gym as they are afraid of being observed and judged. While this is perfectly acceptable, it means that you are not getting that communal fitness experience that can be so important to your motivation.

Being active with others spurs you on to do better, and your fellow exercise-partners can lift you up when you are feeling demotivated or tired. Being part of a community also induces a positive mindset, which could be the difference when it comes to excelling during your 2024 fitness journey. If you make sure you’re part of a community, while also investing in your own equipment and motivational books, you are doing three key things that can ensure this New Year’s resolution is finally a successful one.


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