How Veterans Care Coordination Promotes Better Health Through Pickleball

Pickleball grew popular in the United States in a very short time, and players of all age groups seem to enjoy it.
Pickleball grew popular in the United States in a very short time, and players of all age groups seem to enjoy it.

Pickleball grew popular in the United States in a very short time, and players of all age groups seem to enjoy it. The most surprising fact is it combines the features of the following:  

  • Badminton 
  • Table tennis 
  • Tennis 

It adds to the exciting experience.  


Somewhere, Pickleball started in the summer of 1965. In Washington State, this game began with Bill Bell, Barney McCallum, and Joel Pritchard. This game began for Pritchard’s son, who was a teenager at that time. Like other kids his age, he wanted to play, resulting in Pickleball. This game started by combining a badminton net, tennis paddles, and a wiffle ball. This game can have single or double players playing the ball from the not-so-big tennis court net.  

Here, the player who gets eleven points will win. They need to win by two points here. Don’t be surprised if you hear the words like “drinking” or “the kitchen line.” It indicates shots and court areas. Drinking describes a soft shot in the kitchen area so that the opponent cannot attack the ball, and the kitchen area means the area near the net. One constant that was always around there was their dog, called Pickles, who did the work of picking up the ball throughout the game. One day, when they were on vacation, Joann Pritchard thought of naming this game as Pickleball after their family dog. And the name goes on till the date..  

Seniors are highly attracted to this sport, and slowly, people are recognizing it as a source to bring positive change. You might have heard about Kyle Laramie VCC (founder of Veterans Care Coordination) and how he is motivating seniors to participate in Pickleball. The sport is often lauded as a way for seniors to stay healthy longer, involve them socially, improve mental health, and support them in their overall wellbeing.  

Physical change 

Pickleball is not too harsh on the physical ability of seniors and is the right sport for aging bodies. Players can actually experience complete exercise without troubling the muscles and joints. Players of any fitness level can play this game without stressing about any injury.  

The cardiovascular benefits are high in this game. 

In this game, players move constantly, leading to better stamina, health, fitness, and health improvements. It strengthens muscles and maintains balance among the players. 

Mental benefit 

Like all other games here, players also need to constantly analyze the next step of the opponent and make immediate decisions. They definitely need to adapt to every new tactic. Studies reflect that the players involved in Pickleball have better concentration, problem-solving patterns, memory, and more. They help to refresh the mental health. Players can make a new group, interact and feel connected gradually.  

Socially connected 

Pickleball is known for building social connections among seniors. In the long run, it so happens that people get lonelier and anxious. You will find this game as a healing process for all those who get involved in it. It is particularly beneficial for those who are left alone or have lost someone near and dear and now feel lonely. Players can actually develop a network through it. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of pickleball game you get involved in. Whether it is double, group sessions, or any social event, one thing is for sure: you will build connections. You will get time to make new friends, share your story, and, above all, have like-minded people around you. Emotional support, above anything, is what every senior expects in their growing life, and this is what you are likely to get here. Indeed, it will be healthy aging. 

Kyle Laramie, the man behind VCC, has been committed to the welfare of senior veterans. Laramie’s company helps senior servicemen and women, along with surviving spouses, navigate the application process for home care services.  

In the past, Laramie has volunteered with a veteran’s organization as a referee for pickleball. Additionally, Laramie has provided tips to players to help them get the most enjoyment out of the sport. Recently, he has been promoting pickleball as a means of recreation. Laramie is focused on introducing this sport to seniors so that they can enjoy the benefits. Laramie recently participated in a pickleball fundraiser that he helped organize, which was established by the Lake Forest Country Club. 

The future of Pickleball 

Pickleball is no longer an unknown game to the world, and with the kind of benefits it has, it will grow more in the upcoming time. If you start taking this game as a way to attract holistic wellness that could increase the mental, physical, and, above all, social well-being of the seniors, this sports activity has a long way to go. Individuals such as Laramie of Veteran Care Coordination are taking this game to another level, and it seems seniors will have one more reason to blossom in the upcoming time. 

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