Snatch a glimpse of Ishpreet Dang’s amazing choreography on Bollywood retro remixes

Ishpreet Dang
Ishpreet Dang

Several social media platforms are bursting with a galaxy of influencers. They share their talent, uniqueness and ideas with the masses. These people are mentors to their followers.

One such talented spirit is Ishpreet Dang. By having a huge family on Instagram and YouTube she reaches millions of views in a day. Her dancing and choreography skills are admired by many.

Ishpreet has bewildering dance moves which also makes her heartbeat of millions. From her hundreds of choreography on multiple songs, Ishpreet’s love for Bollywood retro remix is special.

Her recent Instagram reel on actor Kareen Kapoor’s song from the movie Mujhe Kucch Kehna hai “Dupatta Mera” has proved her dancing skills right. With her jaw-dropping moves and great enthusiasm, she managed to get more than 300K views.

This is not the first time when Ishpreet has stunned everybody. She already did this before by dropping her dance reel on the famous Bollywood remix “Koi Seheri Babu.”

Besides, this she has also delivered her mind-blowing choreography on songs like “Kanta Laga”, “Deewana hai Dekho”, ” Kuch to hua hai” and many more. Each of these videos has generated more than 300k impressions on Instagram.

This Instagram celebrity has a social family of more than 1M. Her grooving skills are smooth and effortless. She can easily instil anyone with her mesmerizing moves.

It is her talent that has helped her to grow and earn goodwill that shall sustain till ages. Besides dancing, Ishpreet also chooses to maintain a healthy and fit body. Her flawless beauty and remarkable fashion statement make her an inspiration for millions.

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