Retro Revival: How Ecommerce & Nostalgia Are Linked


e-commerceNEW YORK – Customers love shopping online, and for good reason. It’s fun, convenient and you can often find goodies not seen in your typical retail store. For this reason, ecommerce stores are sometimes referred to as the flea markets of the future. Similarly, retro styles are becoming increasingly popular right now and ecommerce sites are set to fit the niche by offering the hottest vintage products on the market.

Of course, nothing is without its imitators. Modern retailers, like Urban Outfitters and Modcloth, specialize in contemporary products with a nostalgic air. The roots of this retro revival stem from a reverence for vintage music, artistic style and clothing in contrast to our ever-quickening technological evolution.

But whether your customers are yearning for decades past or just trying to be ironic in a post-post-modern society, ecommerce stores are definitely the grooviest place to find passé products and threads. Just check out our list of the sensational merchandise currently experiencing a revival.

Vinyl Records: In a digital age where a universe of streaming music is at your beck and call, and where even MP3s are outdated, vinyl records are making a comeback. Music enthusiasts say that listening to vinyl provides a warmer, more authentic sound, especially when listening to classic rock or the blues. But it’s not just about the audio; it’s also about owning something tangible, something concrete to show your love for an artist or a genre.

If you are using an ecommerce builder to set up your online record store, remember to offer classic records as well as the latest vinyl.

Classic Toys: Nothing says nostalgia like classic toys, metal lunch boxes and games from generations past. After all, some things never go out of style including superhero or Star Wars figurines. Collectibles are a booming market for ecommerce builders and sellers, so be sure to include as much helpful information in your product descriptions as possible. Discerning memorabilia fanatics will be interested in the year certain toys were released, the condition of the products and possibly even the serial numbers.

Old Video Games: It is often said that Millennials look at the 1990s with rose-colored glasses, which is why some online vendors are peddling Segas, Gameboys and old Nintendo products with great success. Forget about the latest Call of Duty games that resale for pennies on Amazon and eBay, and take advantage of the booming market for time-honored titles for N64.

Ecommerce builders interested in merchandising retro games should always test the quality of the products before putting the goods online.

Dated Duds: Today’s clothing trends borrow heavily from past decades. From fedoras to souvenir jackets to distressed denim and track suits, it seems that nothing is cooler than dated duds. This opens a few options for online vendors. You can either sell current clothing with retro inspirations, or retro clothing that match current tastes. It’s really up to you.

Thankfully, much of the fabric used in generations past is much more durable than today’s garb, making it perfect for resale. Just inspect each piece for wear and tear. If it’s minor enough, you can either repair it yourself or mention it in your copy.

Vintage Jewelry: It’s not just clothes making a comeback, vintage accessories are also seeing a resurgence. Following the Great Recession, many Americans had to pawn old jewelry to make ends meet; and since jewelry can stand the test of time, it is being recycled through our flea markets, curio shops and ecommerce stores. Of course, accessories are usually valued by the materials comprised so be sure to share details such as which stones and metals were used.

It can be a lot of fun marketing and selling retro merchandise, whether it’s to old customers or new. So enjoy it! And remember, fashion may go out of style, but style never goes out of fashion.

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