A Rock Star, Lakota Chief and Indigenous Filmmakers Unite In “Let Them Live-Love Wild Horses!”


A Powerful Raw 22 Minute Film -Let Them Live-Love Wild Horses!

The horses are suffering, and we are losing a lot of them -please stop the helicopters and the war cast upon these iconic treasures.”

— Dewey Bunnell

WOODACRE, CALIFORNIA, U.S.A. – Indigenous – This heartwarming raw short film with wild horses running free inspires honoring ancient indigenous wisdom to save the Wild West. A Rock Star Couple, Lakota Chief, and Native American and grassroots nonprofit filmmakers passionately share ways and directives to create change for the last of America’s wild horses to be granted a reprieve to live, remain free, and be saved; from slaughter and extinction.

Powerful indigenous voices, cross-cultural California, Colorado, Texas, and Alaska nonprofit representatives, and wild horses call to recognize the horses’ free and natural gifts for the land, entire ecosystems, and humanity. The film’s message brings hope for the Executive Branch, Secretary Haaland, Western Governors, and Tribal Leaders to save the horses and the land they protect before it’s too late.

Let Them Live-Love Wild Horses!” release this past week auspiciously arrives with the honoring of America’s First Nation people this past week with the establishment of Indigenous Peoples’ Day and President Biden’s call to recognize indigenous wisdom and to uphold treaties.

Change is stirring for a new approach in wildland management, also coming from Secretary Haaland as she recently announced – “Indian tribes have been on this continent for millennia, for tens of thousands of years,” she added. “They know how to take care of the land … that’s knowledge that’s been passed down for generations and generations.”

The film opens with a heart-stirring call from the rock star couple to redirect the government war cast upon the wild horses, in considering science that indicates the animals are beneficial in preventing wildfires and protecting ecosystems. America, the band’s founding member Dewey, his wife Penny, and their beautiful rescued wild horse “Noname” pronounced No-nah-may, named after one of their hit songs, “A Horse with Noname.” Call to stop removing more of the horses from their natural lands. Dewey shares: “The horses are suffering, and we are losing a lot of them -please stop the helicopters and the war cast upon these iconic treasures.”

Next, in the film Lakota Chief Lee PlentyWolf, a nonprofit Love Wild Horses Board of Directors member, founder of the nonprofit organization White Horse Creek Council, and a NAMA award-winning prayer drummer and singer- moves viewers in an inspiring opening prayer ceremony amongst a herd of horses. He shares the spiritual importance of horses for the Lakota people and the critical relevance the horses offer for wild places and humanity to survive.

Chief Plentywolf warns, “Climate change is real- we need to make changes as soon as we can, we are in danger and or else we are self-destructing.” “The help we get from these horses will change the climate, and so we can work on positive climate change, and we need to do this right away. We need to receive some compassion for the horses- to put the 70,000+ captured horses back on the land now. ”

The film next journeys into stunning footage captured by filmmaker James Kleinert, about the wild horses’ plight and how their disappearance impacts the wild West and calls for positive change to right the imbalance wild horses’ eradication has upon the wild, public open grasslands.

Then Neta Rhyne, a direct descendant of the “Trail of Tears” and member of the Cherokee Nation, Filmmaker, and Founder of a Texas-based nonprofit “Thundering Hooves,” shares a heartfelt call to stop selling and exporting America’s wild and domestic horses and burros to slaughter. Neta Rhynes is located near the Texas Mexican border and bears tragic witness of the trucking of thousands of domestic and wild horses to slaughter. As of October 21st, the USDA weekly report states that 24,315horses were exported to Mexico for slaughter. While more than 80% of Americans oppose the inhumane torture and slaughter of horses, she calls to remember that horses are sacred beings and to ban sending the treasured horses to slaughter.

The film concludes with a passionate sharing by Evelyn Arce, a member of the Muisca tribe, Vice President of the Alaska-based Native Conservancy, and a member of California-based nonprofit Love Wild Horses® Board of Directors. Evelyn stands with “Mystic,” a rescued Bureau of Land Management branded wild horse that the nonprofit saved from a kill pen. Together, they plead to recognize the horses’ sacredness and honor their ability to survive and once again be protected to help heal and protect the land from wildfires and global warming devastation.

Currently, 70,000 of these beautiful animals are incarcerated, and this past month and next, another 8,000 will be jailed. The current Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service Agency programs cost taxpayers over a billion dollars a year, which could be dramatically lessened by simply setting the horses free.

Evelyn Arce shares,  “We need the protection of President Biden’s 30-30 plan to come to pass and to include the free-roaming horses because they give so much to our ecosystems when it comes to wildfires and when it comes to drought. These animals can help us. These are sacred animals, and they mean Freedom and Spirit, everything our Country represents.”

Viewers Please Join us in Contacting Your Legislatures and Secretary Deb Haaland @ 202-208-3100 and President Joe Biden @ 202-456-1111.

1. Please Issue an immediate moratorium on the Bureau of Land Management wildfire, global warming, and ecosystem protecting wild horse removals.

2. Return the 70,000+ at-risk government incarcerated wild horses to roam freely to save their lives and to allow the horses to protect our vast open rangelands once again.

3. Support Adopting Indigenous Wisdom and Science Based Wild Equine Re-Wilding-Wildfire-Global Warming-Ecosystem Protection-Regenerative Studies to make our wild open Western lands and surrounding communities safer and to heal soils and by restoring wild horse herds to genetic viability and to save tax payers over one billion dollars annually.

4. Repeal the Burns Amendment and Pass the S.A.F.E. Act to save thousands of America’s wild and domestic horses from barbaric slaughter, today.

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and to check out what’s happening with America the Band please visit: VenturaHighway.com

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