Jack London on the Importance of Going Against the Grain to Create Your Unique Identity

Jack London

One of the most critical components of running a successful business is innovation. Many successful entrepreneurs build thriving ventures with ideas, concepts, and products that go against the grain, question the status quo, and offer the world brand-new possibilities. To be heard above the din of business, you must have the courage to stand out. Going against the grain might be difficult, but it’s often a vital element of development. We spoke with Jack London, a renowned artist and entrepreneur, about how important it is to go against the grain to establish your own identity.

Jack London is the founder and owner of Shoeuzi, a collectible art series. They are astounding mixes between sneakers, urban street culture, and uzis. The artist’s largely celebrated work transcends art, having gained its own culture and status symbol. Jack London has carved his identity in the industry through the powerful influence he amassed in the urban toy scene and street culture.

According to Jack London, we all need to go against the grain to develop ideas that match our target audience and help us stand out from the crowd. “Everyone else is taken, but you can add something new and different to this world as an individual with a unique blend of personality, education, and experience,” he says. “This could involve staking your claim with a strong opinion to stand out from everyone else. I had to defy the masses and make difficult decisions to do things unconventionally and honestly.”

Jack London believes that taking the dissenting opinion and forging your own identity can easily raise the status of your brand and usher in more opportunities. “Some of the most successful entrepreneurs today are those that are continually willing to go against the grain to create something unique and great with their business and in the world,” he says.

Jack London is determined to leave his mark in the industry as he focuses on turning his art projects into a cultural movement that helps shape the future of art and design.