Artist Maryam Rahmani aka Maria talks about her transit from a pen artist to an impressionist.

Maryam Rahmani
Maryam Rahmani

Influencer Maryam Rahmani aka Maria is a social media sensation who influences her audience with every trial she makes. With an experience of over 18 years in the field, she has never failed a chance to shoot her shot no matter what she does or whatever opportunity or hurdles cross her path. Being an adrenaline junkie with an inclination towards motorcycling, skydiving, deep-sea diving, zip lines, fast cars, etc with a passionate command over sports, kickboxing, kung-fu, etc. There isn’t a forte that Maryam aka Maria doesn’t excel in.

But what her audience doesn’t know about her is that she is also an inspiring artist and journaling creator. Maryam Rahmani aka Maria is passionate and compatible encompassed in arts and crafts. She has a powerful knack for skillful carvings, charcoal painting, and sketching, oil portrait masterpieces with competent knowledge in candle making and ceramic painting.

But all of her inclination towards materialistic art and impression was imbibed from a very young age by her mother. Maria is her mother’s shadow in this genre. From a very budding age of 10, Maryam used to write poetry, stories, tales, etc. At the age of 15, one of her poems was chosen to be published in London but due to her academic restrictions and obligations calling for her attention, she couldn’t travel and had the contract signed off to attend the publishing of her poem, which was to be part of 200 other poems to be published.

But this was her calling to achieve something bigger, something better setting baby steps towards Maria’s attainment in the industry. She adds to this conversation by saying “If that setback never happened, I would have never taken a stand to explore and find an artistic vocation for myself”.

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