Here’s How Influencer Adam Goryl Is Solving Customers’ Parcel Issues with a Creative Solution

Adam Goryl
Adam Goryl

Adam Goryl is an innovative and creative individual with technical, logical, and creative problem-solving inventions & ideas. His recent creation that is bound to help hundreds of people can be viewed here

As a multipotentialite, Adam inspires many through his expertise in several fields of work; being an influencer, real estate expert, business magnate, and investor are some of his worth noticing credibilities.

Adam, @adam.ryl on Instagram, expresses his concern about one of the most common issues people face nowadays, which is when online shopping, you experience late deliveries, lost, damaged, or stolen parcels. Nowadays, online shopping is an absolute need with the ongoing pandemic and social distancing. But with the increase in the demand for online shopping, negligence and carelessness have also increased, thereby making things extremely tough for people. Three billion dollars a year globally is lost due to these issues.

Posthubb is a one-of-a-kind innovative product in an entirely new market. It was designed to bring significant convenience for customers, ensure safe delivery and hassle-free experience, and update online shoppers’ overall quality of life when in or out the house. This product is in charge of dealing with packages that have been misplaced, stolen, or are awaiting customer pickup. It is an electrically operated box on the outside that notifies you via mobile applications when your purchase is delivered (available for both iOS and Android).

The fundamental goal of this product is to find a solution to an issue that millions of people all around the world are facing. Instead of hurrying back home for a box that should have been delivered or a package that says “your delivery time is 9 am-9 pm today,” the objective is to take this daunting problem of waiting around away from customers and give the ability to enjoy your day or do what you were going to do anyway without that parcel delivery notification rule your life for one day. The goal is to sell internationally to delighted customers who can get their shipments without waiting around, increasing unwanted frustration & stress. Posthubb was created to make online shopping simple and trouble-free with all of these challenges and worries in mind which you can purchase on this site.  

Adam, the inventor & founder of this product, claims that it is his life’s most important and meaningful project. The purpose of creating such a product is to make online shopping more sustainable and effortless and solve an important issue in our society with a solution that is both technologically sophisticated and appealing in terms of aesthetics and user experience.

Hundreds of thousands of people have complained about how unpleasant it is to have goods stolen, lost, or destroyed, which inspired the creation of such an easy-to-use product. This has stirred such a stigma in the news worldwide that many articles were published stating how bad this really got. The most severe problem is that deliveries go missing and don’t arrive on time, or if they do, you’ll almost certainly miss them because you are out for work or a meeting.

According to Adam, some of his negative experiences with internet buying prompted him to take this fairly novel and risky action. The moment Adam received the apology note from a shipping firm, Posthubb was born on that very spot. Everything was thought through from this pinpointed heated moment, from how the device will work, key functionalities, and the notification process. The branding and name arrived a couple of months later.

You can buy Posthubb to make things quicker and easier. Buy yours today by following the link here.

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