Engaging with your followers is all-important, says influencer Ritu Pamnani

Ritu Pamnani
Ritu Pamnani

Instagram is flooded with a cosmic number of social media influencers. Speaking of which, do you think that maintaining followers is necessary for them? Of course, it is! Or else, why do Ritu Pamnani and other successful influencers treat their followers like God?

This glamorous girl has a whopping number of 207k followers on her Instagram. She regularly interacts with them and is hugely loved for it. While Ritu Pamnani’s DM and comments are flooded with a conspicuous number of applause and admiration, the influencer makes sure to reply to these responses. Ritu Pamnani also does Q & A and tries her best to reply to all the questions that are dropped by her followers.

To learn more about the fashionista and her bond with her followers, we asked Ritu and here’s what she says: “A follower is someone who has decided to give you time and, therefore, engaging with them is all-important. For me, it is about appreciating their presence and giving them the love, care, and attention they deserve.”

Ritu Pamnani runs her own Instagram account: @ritupamnani Her feed showcases her gorgeous style, and she always keeps her fans updated on what she does in a day. Also, she often surprises everybody with her creations from the past or new trends. Ritu Pamnani knows to be herself, and that’s what keeps her follower’s eyes on her.

This social media diva is from Dubai and entertains fans from all around the world. Ritu Pamnani entered the world of content creation over five years ago and is doing wonders in multiple niches of fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle blogging. Her lifestyle on Instagram would compel you to follow her instantly.

This huge list of followers is also the reason Ritu Pamnani is flourishing as an influencer. She has worked with brands like NARS, Pantene, Guess, H&M, Mango, Puma, Tanishq, Fila, Mac, Revolve, etc.

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