Avi Mittal’s philanthropic deeds were a major boon during the second wave of Covid in India

Avi Mittal
Avi Mittal

The global covid pandemic caused a lot of grief to a lot of people across the globe. It took away peoples loved ones and caused people to lose everything. But the pandemic also saw people join hands regardless of any differences between them to help one another.

There are many unsung heroes whose contributions remain unknown but have left a major mark in helping out humanity in it’s worse global crisis. Avi Mittal is one such individual, he is by profession, an entrepreneur and an investor. Avi is the founder and CEO of Golden Ace Ventures and he is the Chairperson of BRICS young dynamic business leaders in India.

Avi Mittal did his best to give back in the time of need. Since the lockdown began in early 2020, he has personally has made many contributions by organising vaccine drives, food distribution camps in certain areas of Mumbai and has even donated to several organisations to help them reach others across India.

Talking about the same, Avi shares, “There are people who didn’t suffer heavy consequences as a result of the lockdown procedures but there are a lot more who suffered heavily. As a human being, I wanted to do whatever was in my power. During the first wave, we organised many food distribution camps in rural areas. We also procured essential products like rice and grains and distributed them to people in less favourable conditions.”

He continues, “During the second wave of the pandemic, vaccines were produced but not available so we organised vaccine drives in various parts of Mumbai and Maharashtra to try to reach as many people as possible. Apart from this, just like many other people across India, I have made contributions to various funds and organisations that have been trying to help people recover from this pandemic.”

As a member of BRICS, Avi and the other people from the committee made several contributions from creating a hotline for emergencies to raising funds for those in need. The BRICS committee was inducted in the world book of records for their contributions during the second wave of the pandemic.

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