Relationships & Networking are Musts for Success According to Glenn Vo


Our world is always in movement. Competition is at an all-time high, and stalling is now synonymous with failure. Nowadays, being good at what you’re doing can only get you to a certain level. So you’ll have to stand out of the masses. At this point, you’ll probably feel lost, overwhelmed by pressure or unsure regarding your decisions. You’ll be questioning yourself: “How can I stand out and grow my industry?” Well, Dr. Glenn Vo has the solution.

Dr. Glenn Vo is a dentist and serial entrepreneur running multiple businesses. However, it’s not like he had it easy from the start. There’s the lack of experience, the “fear” of entering a new, ruthless world. All of those could become setbacks on your road to success. Nevertheless, with the right guidance, you can truly achieve wonders.

When entering a new environment, it’s best to be supervised. That’s right, according to Dr. Glenn Voo, one of the keys to growing your industry is good mentoring. Some people might need it less than others, but by following the lead of people who already have walked a similar path to yours, you’ll see your business grow exponentially. And that’s exactly what happened to Dr. Glenn Vo, who after connecting with many mentors, saw his business radically expand.

This brings us to the 2nd key to grow your industry; throughout your mentoring, it is mandatory to build your network. Breaking into an industry is all about relationships and networking: “Let’s say you have zero skills, but you’re a really good person. If you’re really good at creating worthwhile relationships, you can grow any business”. That network-building technique helped him a lot, as he is the creator of a social media platform that reaches over 35 000 dental professionals, an USA Today Best Selling Author with his debut novel “2612 Cherryhill Lane” and will soon be releasing a business book – “Industry Influencer.”  .  Dr. Vo continues to run a multi-million dollar practice in North Texas while running multiple businesses.

All in all, the secret of a growing industry is experience and relationships. To learn more about Dr. Glenn Vo, visit his Instagram account.

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