Entrepreneur Mobeen Mian Talks About His Journey And Garnering Success

Mobeen Mian
Mobeen Mian

DETROIT METRO TIMES – 2021 Edition–  Mobeen Mian was born in Detroit, Michigan, on May 21st, 1996. And moved to Dallas, Texas when he was just eight years old. With roots and influences still upstate, his endeavors only got more diverse.

Looking at the spectrum across small businesses and start-ups, Mian was asked about what collaboration means to him, Mobeen Mian answered with a simpler answer than expected. And that was investing. As a verified entrepreneur on the internet, with over 100,000 followers across his total social media platforms , personally, and through his brand, #Focuseddd, he described that people should invest in one another’s dreams. Whether it is time, money, or just support. And that businesses build and grow off each other with those factors. Understanding future goals of one another is the key for development.

From the alphabet, the three D’s in his brand, #Focuseddd, represents the desire, dedication, and devotion, needed to achieve any goal in our way we want to accomplish. Mobeen Mian said the brand promotes, supports, and markets the positive and visionary content via photography, videography, customized clothing, event planning, and social media and documented press releases with public relation influences.

To another question about the type of collaborations he has had specifically, Mian explains his brand aims to inspire all, but the target audience for collaboration are artists, athletes, politicians, business owners, nonprofit organizations , as well as musicians. As an avid Muslim himself, Mian encourages diversity within all cultures and backgrounds.

Some notable projects he has had with public figures include producing the documentary for Dr Ricco Wright of the Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma during the Black Lives Matter Protest in 2020, as well as while Dr Wright’s political race in Tulsa. as well as making customized clothing for international professional fighter Ali Al-Qaisi on his UFC debut. Some notable community events that have taken place with Mobeen Mian and his #FOCUSEDDD collaborations have been in the Historic Downtown Carrollton, Texas, as the “Evening to Give Back”, with a three-hour musical and art showcase event, collecting more than 300 canned food items from the community, partnering with recognized event planners, K. Alyse LLC. Those canned goods were then donated to Metrocrest Services. The event followed a second one the following year.

Within the city of Dallas, the media team help promote the Dallas Open Mic, largest showcase in the city of Dallas, every Tuesday which showcases artists across the nation who attend and perform. Charlie Rihoo is the founder of the Dallas Open Mic. This event gets over 500 people in crowd every single week. Specifically on Tuesday nights. The #Focuseddd team handles the photography as well as the social media branding for numerous artists across not only the metroplex, but artists from all around the nation. For Detroit, the scene can only improve watching this, as a few artists from Detroit’s own club have participated in the show. The word spreads.

Challenge’s entrepreneurs faced during 2020 were rough due to the pandemic and certain precautions that were mandated at the state and federal level. Including social gatherings to network, and contact meeting with others were limited. But businesses have thrived over social media, and for Mobeen Mian understanding that, and getting out of the comfort zone, was the biggest challenge. Despite being hit with COVID-19, Mian said he also had to overcome obstacles himself, and remaining focused on getting better was the most important thing. Creating #FOCUSEDDD as a motivational movement, Mobeen said he loves to collaborate with positive people, and his collaborations always help him improve for the better. He said the collaboration with quality environments and people can take us further, and that way we can be more strategic with our decisions.

While others promote their personal success through their social media accounts, the brand #FOCUSEDDD promotes the stories of others, and strictly positive content. And in 2021, the #FOCUSEDDD media team went on a multi-state promotional tour.

When asked how his brand collaborates with others consistently, Mobeen Mian replied that his brand #FOCUSEDDD is focused mainly on being the inspiration for others to also stay positive in what they talk about. With interviews, documentation, and branding, all being a factor.

Mobeen Mian is an American Entrepreneur, analytics ambassador, investor, and graduate student, who currently runs a multimedia brand.  He is a brand consultant who specializes in social media marketing, photography, videography, and customized clothing for small and large businesses. Mian founded and currently runs an international multimedia firm, #Focuseddd, that focuses on branding, and producing startup projects for artists, entrepreneurs, small and large businesses.

Mobeen Mian is currently a graduate form the University of North Texas with his bachelor’s in Business Administration. He also owns his Master’s in Organizational Leadership and is ongoing applications for a PhD degree. Instagram: @mobeenmian  /  @focuseddd_

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