Dental Industry Trends in 2023

Good dental care is a key to good health
Good dental care is a key to good health

Technology continues to advance, impacting all industries and the people within them. The field of dentistry has its own innovative trends that are improving oral health. In 2023, several emerging dental trends are anticipated to make a significant impact. Let’s explore these trends and how they address common concerns and encourage proper dental health.

Teeth Whitening

The popularity of teeth whitening solutions continues to rise, with 37 million Americans using such products in 2020 alone. The expectation is this trend will continue through 2023 and beyond. Many people are looking for ways to brighten and improve their smiles. As a result, dental offices are likely to offer a range of teeth whitening options.

These options include in-office treatments and take-home kits. With the various options, dentists are able to cater to diverse patient needs and preferences. Various techniques are used across the different solutions. Individuals will be able to select between bleaching agents and advanced light technologies to remove stains and discoloration effectively. Both options are able to enhance oral health and self-confidence.

Ceramic Crowns

Dental restorations have always been a necessity for the dental industry, but more recently, ceramic crowns have gained new popularity. They are durable and look natural and can last at least five to 15 years with the right care. In 2023, patients are prioritizing durability and a natural look for dental treatments. This will keep ceramic crowns a trend for this year. Due to advances in manufacturing and materials, ceramic crowns are better than ever; they blend seamlessly with the teeth and are highly customizable.

A Heavy Focus on Patient Comfort and Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety affects up to 36% of the U.S. population, making it a significant concern in dental healthcare. In 2023, dental practices will be working to prioritize patient comfort. As an industry, they are addressing the issue of dental anxiety. Many dentists are implementing strategies to create a comfortable and relaxing environment for patients. Many dental practices have begun to incorporate sedation dentistry techniques. This is a medication given to patients to help them relax while visiting the dentist’s office.

There are new technologies available that reduce the discomfort and pain a patient feels. This can help to reduce anxiety, also. Laser dental procedures and digital anesthesia delivery are emerging technologies that help provide a sense of ease for patients. When a dentist makes patient comfort a priority, it creates a more positive experience. This encourages patients to invest in regular dental care and cleanings, which improves overall health, and especially oral health.

Integrating Technology During Diagnosis and Treatment

Technology is vital when it comes to changing and improving dental care. The trend for 2023 shows a more robust integration between technology and oral health care. Dental practices are beginning to adopt digital innovations into practices. These technological innovations include intraoral scanners, 3D imaging, and CAD/CAM systems to enhance diagnostic capabilities. This helps make treatment planning and the fabrication of dental restorations much easier.

The addition of these technologies allows for precise measurements, efficient workflows, and an accurate representation of the condition. Imaging techniques have also become more advanced. Techniques like cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) have been created. This allows detailed evaluations of dental structures, which helps dentists make more accurate diagnoses and create a more targeted treatment intervention. Technology allows procedures to be more efficient and allow for enhanced patient satisfaction.

Dental trends in 2023 will help to enhance the patient experience while improving oral health. No matter what procedure a patient needs, technology can help make it better. Dentists are better able to diagnose and treat conditions which encourages patient trust properly.

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