A Healthy Smile Can Boost Mental Health & Well Being – Dr. Kshama Chandan

Kshama Chandan

If we asked you about the most common cosmetic procedure, a lot of you would think of botox, liposuction, nose job, silicone implants or some other form of plastic surgery. How would you feel if we told you that none of them are close to being the highest. The most common cosmetic procedures are dental procedures and cosmetic dentistry is supposed to grow faster than ever. We had a discussion with Dr. Kshama Chandan, a leading Prosthodontist in Mumbai about the importance and rise of cosmetic dental procedures.

“Cosmetic dentistry is not new and has been there for ages. Cosmetic dental procedures involving the teeth, gums and jaw hold the potential to change how one feels about themselves. Since decades cosmetic dental solutions have helped people be at their best due to a boost in self confidence. Infact dental procedures that help fix visible deformities have been known to improve ones emotional health drastically.”

We could not agree more with the doctor as a smile goes a long way in creating that first impression. If the smile happens to be perfect, it is infectious and oozes confidence along with positivity. However we were curious about the rise in such procedures in the recent times and enquired about the same.

Dr Kshama Chandan explained this phenomenon with a very relatable example. “Earlier, cosmetic dental solutions were mostly driven by physical needs and a few from the show biz or marketing field craved a perfect smile. Now times have changed and we see a lot of people opting for these solutions. There are two primary reasons which have played their part here.

With the availability of internet, people are now more aware of such solutions and understand that a perfect smile with glistening whites is achievable. Also, with the penetration of social media into our daily lives, looking perfect and being picture ready almost all the time have become a part of life for many. So, a large part of this rise can be attributed to people who do it for the gram.

More importantly, people with visible dental defects build a mechanism to avoid public interactions and prefer seclusion over masses and social events. With affordable solutions being easily available more and more individuals are now ready to break these shackles and experience the freedom and confidence that come with cosmetic dental procedures.”

As per a recent report, cosmetic dentistry is expected to witness record breaking growth and shall be worth approximately USD 28 billion by 2024. We are sure that this is excellent news as the world will be a better place with increased number of smiling faces around us.

Dr. Kshama Chandan holds a masters degree in advanced prosthodontics and is an award winning dental surgeon. With an eye for structure, she is often termed as a perfectionist by her patients. Dr. Kshama Chandan can be consulted at her private practice at house of tooth in lokhandwala, Mumbai Suburban. Keep Smiling !

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