10 Secrets Your Dentist Always Miss Out Revealing

10 Secrets Your Dentist Always Miss Out Revealing

A trip to the dentist’s office is what secures us from many dental problems and keep us on track of dental care. And we would be missing out big oral hygiene without these visits. Though our dentist tries to feed us enough about dental care, the limited time to sit in the dentist’s cramped seat reduces that feed to just crumbs, and we don’t get the whole meal. In fact, some secrets only remain buzzing in the dentist’s head, and he never lets you get the air of them.

Here we have revealed all the untold secrets and information that dentists always miss out due to shortage of time – grab your pick:

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Please, Brush Your Teeth Before Your Visit!

There is something in this world called as a courtesy, and you should show it to your dentist as well. And it isn’t as difficult as you think: you just have to clean your teeth before your visit and your dentist would be more than happy. Your dentist can’t tell you right on the face that how much gross they feel when they dig into your mouth just to witness what you ate a few hours ago. But they really do feel disgusted, gross and irritated even if they don’t tell you.

Okay fine, we understand that teeth cleaning are the job of a dentist, but keeping track of your diet is really not. So, next time, please brush your teeth before visiting your dentist, even for cleaning. Thank you!

Not flossing? You are risking your overall health!

Our dentist always advises us to floss daily, and we forget this advice the moments we step out of his clinic. And that’s where many problems arise. A toothbrush holds the capability to remove the plague from the gum line, beyond that a brush can’t help you out. That’s why you need to floss daily to clean the area in between the teeth and below the gums. Not flossing daily can cause gum inflammation, tooth decay, and eventually tooth loss.

You might know about the risks of not flossing till here, but what your dentist might have skipped is that you risk your overall health by choosing not to floss. Researchers have found a connection between poor oral hygiene and some other bodily health diseases, including dementia, diabetes, pneumonia, and ulcers. When you don’t floss, bacteria in your mouth can find a way to your stomach and bloodstream and cause all the trouble that you can’t even imagine. So, next time, even if your doctor doesn’t tell you about all these consequences, don’t skip flossing.

Your Medical Conditions and Oral Health can be Connected!

When our dentist ask us if you have any medical background, then most of us don’t mind saying ‘no’. And even if our answer is ‘yes’, it isn’t honest enough as it should be. And it can have many negative consequences and trigger severe issues than you can’t imagine. Some prescriptions related to other mental conditions can have a negative impact on your oral health.

So, you should be upfront with the dentist about your medical background and medication so that he can treat you accordingly. It not only saves your money spent on a visit to the dentist but it can also save you from many other serious issues that might occur in case of a clash between dentist’s prescribed medication and physician provided medication.

Mouthwash is not the Panacea for Oral Hygiene!

We all happily grab a colorful mouthwash bottle while grocery shopping or visiting medical stores, thinking that it is a magical solution for all our oral hygiene. Thank you from mouthwash making companies, but no thank you from your teeth and dentist’s side.

Your dentist doesn’t tell you, but trust me mouthwash is just a fancy, a colorful liquid that works it’s magic for only half an hour or an hour. After that magical hour ends, your mouthwash’s magic also starts fading. Your refreshing minty breath vanishes and is again replaced by bad breath. So, next time spend on something more worthy than filling your cabinet with colorful mouthwash bottles.

They Catch Your Lies on the Spot!

We all have been there when we have lied to our dentist. People don’t mind taking truth a little further when a dentist asks us questions like: Are you flossing regularly? Do you drink alcohol often? Is your soda intake high on point? Some of the daring champs open up the truth, while others don’t mind saying ‘no’ despite that they have been doing all this.

You might think that you have saved yourself from the embarrassment, but according to an Encino Dentist: the truth is that the dentist knows that you are lying. Your dentist might not tell you, but your mouth tells every story of your habit and dentist can catch on to every detail of that sorry (well, that’s why he is a dentist!). So, next time if your dentist asks you something, it is better to come up straight upfront because your dentist is going to know it anyways.

Lying Reduces the Chance to Catch Other Problems!

Okay, we are talking a lot about lying, but that’s what a dentist has to deal with every day. So yeah, we talked about how lying can give you second-hand embarrassment because your dentist can tell right away that you are lying. Now we are going to talk that lying also reduces the chance to find undiagnosed health problems.

If a patient flosses daily (according to him), but he still has a gum problem, then it could be due to some other health issues. So, it is always good to be true to your dentist so that you can get the right and best treatment.

Electric Toothbrush is not Just for Show-offs!

Dentists are just going crazy because they can’t emphasize enough on the significance of an electric toothbrush. The voice of electric brush coming from your washroom isn’t a sign of your class or plush lifestyle, it just indicates that you are replicating somehow professional cleaning. It reaches places that your regular brush can’t reach out, and you get a mini professional cleaning right in your own home.

Okay, now we know that electric brushes are expensive (a good one might cost you above $75), but that every penny is worth it because it saves you from many dental issues. Believe me, an electric brush is one of the best addition in the world of dentistry, and you should benefit from it too!

A Filling is not Going to Kill You!

Recently, amalgam fillings have become the new target of the rumours brewers, and their story is that mercury in amalgam fillings can kill you. Despite all the efforts of the rumours blowers, dentists totally deny any connection between mercury in fillings and adverse health issues. In fact, the FDA in its statement, has deemed mercury fillings safe in adults and children above 6.

So, all dentists really want to tell you that if you already have an amalgam filling, you don’t need to freak out with the idea that you are going to die overnight. If that was unsafe, your dentist wouldn’t have used it in the first place. That’s true that fillings release a low level of mercury in the form of vapors, but you need hundreds of fillings to get even the slightest possible mercury health risk.

Sleep tight with your mercury fillings because you are not going to die!

Young Age is not All Play and No Oral Care!

Dentists are still finding that person who first said that kids don’t need dental hygiene because that culprit needs serious punishment. Though we don’t know how this lousy practice started, one thing we know for sure that it has damaged many people’s teeth.

Taking care of kid’s teeth is as essential as an adult’s teeth because earlier care helps a lot in dental maintenance when they get older. And letting kids’ teeth decay just because they are not permanent is also not wise because premature fall out leads to premature growth and their permanent teeth try to horde in a little mouth. Result: Non-aligned and uneven teeth!

Soda is Your Teeth’s Silent Killer!

No matter how much cherished your fizzy, bubbly drink is for you, your dentist wants you to quit it immediately. Soda cuts through the teeth, wear out the outer enamel, which results in erosion and decay. Just remember that it isn’t just sugar, it is acid and your teeth are not strong enough to bear the acid attack.

And soda is not the only killer in the line, energy drinks do even worse to your teeth, along with too much citrus intake and alcohol.

Now you know what dentists always miss out to tell you: things they don’t want to say you and things that they want to emphasize enough but don’t. Just memorize these insight stories before you forget them while sipping soda!

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