Fourteen ways to take care of your eyes every day

Fourteen ways to take care of your eyes every day
Eyesight is key

Eye problems can be avoided with simple care every day. You will be surprised to know more than 1.3 billion people in this world suffer from some sort of eye issue. This means millions of people spend hefty amounts of money on their eye checkups and surgeries. Eyes are very important organs of the body for they allow us to see this beautiful world. If you need glasses fast and save overnight glasses will helpTherefore if you want to know about the complete care for the eyes, you must read this article till the end. With simple steps and a balanced lifestyle, it is easy to maintain healthy eyesight for a long time. Some of the simple ways to take care of eyes for a sharp vision with no problems are:

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1.      Avoid rubbing your eyes frequently

Keep in mind our hands are exposed to a lot of dust and bacteria. Some people have a habit of rubbing their eyes frequently, which can cause massive damage. This means if you touch your eyes even once, you are potentially transferring the bacteria from the rest of the body in your eyes. Therefore it is better to keep hands away from eyes to prevent from irritation. Even if you feel like rubbing the eyes because of any irritation, use a clean wet cloth to wipe the eyes or wash your eyes with cold water.

2.      Protect your eyes from the sun

It is anyways, imperative for all of us to keep away from the sun as much as we can. Sunlight causes aging and many other skin related issues. If you are going out in the scorching heat of the sun, don’t forget to put on sunglasses. Too much exposure to the strong UV rays increases the risk of age-related macular disease which might cause severe sunburn. Furthermore, sunglasses also make a great fashion statement, so it is crucial to put them on while going out.

3.      Refrain from smoking

Smoking is a bad habit which takes down the lives of so many people every year. Even if it doesn’t, there are many other side effects of it. Smoking causes weakness in the body muscles and as a result, has an impact on the eyesight. You will be surprised to know smoking also causes damage to the optic nerves which can greatly affect the vision over time. Therefore if you have a habit of smoking every day, you must cut down this habit of yours.

4.      Distance yourself from the monitor

Remember the old days when parents used to scold us when we used to sit too close to the television? The same rule applies here with laptop screens being all around us. You should sit at a distance of an arm’s length from the monitor screen and keep it 20 degrees below the level of eyes. Otherwise, your eyes will get strained and tired. Furthermore, you must incorporate lighting in the room which makes you comfortable with the laptop screen you have to see. Too many bright lights can cause damage to the eyes, so it is better to keep away.

5.      Apply the 20-20 rule

If you apply this rule in life, you can keep your eyes healthy for a long time. So if you work for some time on your laptop, you must look away after 20 minutes and see an object which is at least 20 feet away from you. Once you start gazing at an object, make sure you continue to see it for some time before assuming your old position. Moreover, you can also blink 20 times to prevent dryness in the eyes. When you’re done with work or if you’re working, you can get up and walk 20 steps.

6.      Get enough sleep

Sleep is the need of the human body, just like food is. Sleeping adequately for 8 hours is the right of every human body, so you better take rest instead of overworking. Just like the rest of your body, eyes need to get rejuvenated every day too. Many people have a bad habit of sleeping in the wee hours of the night which curtails their total rest time. So if you sleep early, you will be able to maintain the health of your eyes for a long time.

7.      Keep your environment clean

If you work or live in a dusty environment, you will potentially be putting your body at risk of getting stuck with a lot of diseases. Eyes being the first organs for we see everything through them. Dust often causes irritation and allergies. Wash your towels every day and use a clean cloth to wipe your face and eyes. Don’t use towels which have been used by other people. Even if you’re traveling and staying in the world most expensive hotel, you must have your towel.

8.      Frequently wash your hands

Washing hands every day keeps the bacteria away. Moreover, if you work on-site or at places where dust is rampant, you must put on gloves before working. Another important tip is to wash your hands with a liquid soap instead of using conventional soap which is used by a lot of people. Hands play a very important role in transmitting bacteria from one part of the body to the other. Some people have a common habit of just scratching their eyes and face all the time; if you have such, you must change it.

9.      Stay hydrated

More than 60% of the human body is water which means you must keep your body hydrated for all the organs to function properly. You must drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water every day. Intake of adequate amounts of water is crucial for the wellbeing of the human body. People who drink the right amount of water have sharp eyesight as compared to those who drink less water. If you’re hydrated enough, your eyes won’t get dry.

10.  Eat a balanced diet

Your diet should be rich in vitamins, minerals and all-important components which improve the wellness of the body. Once you start eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, you will experience a positive change in your body. Your diet should be rich in vitamin C, A and E. Make sure your diet plan is infused with all those components which are good for eyesight. Refrain from eating too many sugary and oily foodstuffs. A good diet plan will surely maintain your eye health for a long time.

11.  Don’t put too much eye makeup

Even if you want to do eye makeup, make sure you put the right makeup on your eyes. Poor quality makeup is anyways dangerous for the skin and can cause skin cancer in severe cases. Many women register with severe cases in the hospital every year, with some even complaining of losing their eyesight. So if you’re putting on eyeliners and mascara, it should simply come off when you wipe it with a tissue or a wet cloth.

12.  Use good lenses water

If you have eyesight issue and use lenses instead of glasses, you must use good quality lenses water. Moreover, your contact lenses should be of the finest quality. Experimenting something which is of poor quality on your eyes means you’re risking your vision for the rest of life. Your lenses water should be approved by the doctor for use. Don’t make a mistake of randomly purchasing lenses water from the market of which you don’t have enough information about.

13.  Use safety eyewear

When going out on a college trip to a dusty area, don’t forget to take safety eyewear with you. Furthermore, if you work at a construction site or a coal mine, you must incorporate safety eyewear in your pocket. Safety eyewear is crucial for it protects the eyes from the harmful smoke and dust particles. If you are a sports person and play ice hockey and lacrosse, you will need to wear safety eyewear for there is always a chance of getting injured in those sports.

14.  Visit an eye doctor

Always visit an eye doctor at least twice a year. Though, this tip is not applicable for every single day but can be considered in the long run. People who overlook eye checkups end up having severe issues. Even if you have a little bit of irritation which continues to disturb you, it is crucial to check with an eye doctor. If you want to get Lasik surgery and you live in San Diego you can google LASIK San Diego to get a list of all eye doctors who peddle their services.


Lastly, it is imperative to take care of the entire body. An eye exam is crucial which is why you must visit a doctor every year. Don’t forget to follow physical exercises, for they keep a person mentally and physically fit. If you want to avoid the costs of eye surgeries in the future you must start taking care of yourself from an early age. People spend estimated millions of dollars’ worth of their incomes on eye procedures, if you don’t want to be one of them, follow the tips which have been given above.

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