How Carnivore Aurelius Is Revolutionizing Healthy Eating with the “Cleanest Protein” in the World


There are an endless array of protein powders, shakes, and bars on offer that claim to help you bulk up and stay strong. But the promises printed on their labels share space with a mammoth list of non-natural ingredients like thickener (Xanthan Gum) and sweeteners. There is nothing natural or truly beneficial about artificial protein and by focusing on these man-made supplements we overlook the cleanest protein in the world, meat. Carnivore Aurelius created grass-fed beef liver and steak crisps to change the concept of healthy eating.

When we think of superfoods, we may conjure up images of so-called health food, bunches of fresh grown kale and spinach, peas, beans, and lentils. The kind of food that we feel guilty avoiding. Carnivore Aurelius has started a movement that is fueled by the original superfood and it isn’t a vegetable. They provide meat products that streamline the process of getting the protein that you need to become stronger and healthier, without supplements. Carnivore Aurelius shares that most of us are lacking in vital energy-building nutrients and we won’t find them in giant bags of protein powder or stacks of products from trendy health food shops, the cleanest protein lies within the simplest source, meat. Beef liver has been coined the original superfood and Carnivore Aurelius is working toward helping people get more of it into their diet. Carnivore Aurelius has been leading a healthy eating revolution since its inception, with its beef liver and steak crisps upending the very concept of healthy eating. Containing no additives or fillers, Carnivore Aurelius’ dehydrated meat snacks are offering meat-eaters a new way to stay healthy while snacking.

It’s easy to believe that healthy eating requires dedicated research and expert advice, but the truth is that the healthiest choices are often the simplest and have been at our fingertips all along.


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