Sami Loyal shares 5 Mindset Hacks To Become Successful Before the age of 20


In any endeavor, success is the holy grail. It is constantly pursued and endlessly obsessed over, but for many, it remains as elusive as smoke on the water. To achieve success at any age involves hard work and resilience, but to fulfill it before the age of 20 is akin to moving mountains. Yet, it can be done; just ask Sami Loyal. The renowned YouTuber and founder of Forflies earned his first million at the age of 17, and at the age of 19, continues to strengthen his brand and build his empire. We caught up with the teenager from London who kindly agreed to share with us his top-five mindset hacks on how to make it big before you hit 20.

Remove Negative Influences

At any age, there’s a certain amount of peer pressure, but when you’re in your teens, it can be a tidal wave. Negative influences at a young age can detrimentally shape the rest of your life. Be proactive, be positive, and remove yourself from those who will continually drag you down and stifle your ambition.

Read A lot And Educate Yourself

Knowledge is power, and the best way of obtaining it is by prolifically reading a diverse range of material. You’ll be surprised how many valuable insights and new perspectives you can pick up from the written word. To be continually creative, you must never stop learning. Focus on the area you want to find success in and research it extensively.

Spend Time In the Company Of Winners

Sooner or later, the company you keep will rub off on you. So step outside of your comfort zone and seek out others in different age groups who have already talked the talk and walked the walk. You can learn an immense amount from the experience of others, and it’s always a good idea to have a mentor.

Clarify Your Goals

Many teens harbor a vague and fuzzy notion that they were born for great things, and success will one day come knocking on their doors. It doesn’t work like that! You need to crystalize your thinking and write down what you want from life and how you plan to achieve it, or, trust me; life will simply pass you by.

Believe In Yourself

It’s easy when you’re young to become dispirited by routine setbacks. Don’t! It is all part of coming of age and trying to make a success of yourself. The important thing to cultivate and continually strengthen is an iron-cast self-belief. There are many pitfalls in the road ahead, but always believe in yourself! It will not only help you stay on track, but it will inspire others to have faith in you, and that’s how success is won.

Sami Loyal is the definition of a self-made man. He hopes that his journey and success story will inspire others to chase their dreams.

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