Unwavering vision and potential have led Mik Zenon reach massive heights of success in the digital industry.


    He has mastered the path to becoming a highly sought-after social media influencer and Amazon affiliate marketer.


    While social media was initially intended to stay in touch with family, friends, and old acquaintances, its role in our everyday lives has increased dramatically over the last decade. The quick development and frequent changes of social media have created a gold mine for marketers, allowing them to reach and engage with customers like never seen before. Business owners and influencers are striving to create social media strategies as part of their marketing plan to stay on top of brand and consumer awareness. Zenon is a well-known creative marketer who has acquired a social media following of about 279k followers and one billion views in just 14 months, by making high quality informative videos regarding Amazon products.


    He has always had an edge over social media due to his natural aptitude for the sector, which has helped him become an effective influencer. His journey is quiet an interesting one, as his social media followers started to boost up when he created a 100-part Amazon Finds series titled “Amazon Products You Need (Or Don’t)” for fun, but little did he expect that the audience would love it so much that the series would have to be extended to 365 parts owing to popular demand. He is noted for not just showing a product’s unique characteristics, but also for weaving an interesting tale into each of his videos that displays his sense of humor and incorporates reoccurring hidden objects for viewers to find.


    Zenon is a sports lover and athlete, who also enjoys history, politics, music, visual and performing arts, and technology. He believes that, “humans should accept all information and develop themselves as precisely as possible. This philosophy places a high value on maintaining one’s physical and mental wellness.” Exercise, meditation, and clean diet are at the top of his basic lifestyle principles and have contributed to his accomplishment.


    Make sure to check him out on Instagram: @mik.zenon or on his official website www.c8ke.com/mik.zenon.

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