The music video of “Sale Pish” by Erfun Khoshdel became the best music video of the “Iranian Pop” festival


The “Iranian Pop” festival is one of the largest festivals for pop artists in Iran, which is held every year on August 15.  In this festival, for the improvement of pop music and the empathy of artists and more collaborations, prizes will be awarded to the chosen ones to inspire them and prepare more works for the people day by day, in addition to their professional development.

This year, we also heard new names in this festival, and new artists were introduced in different parts of the festival.

This festival has many awards such as best arranger, best lyricist, best melody arrangement, best music video, etc., which are awarded to the winners in each section.  The most important prize of this festival is the best music video that everyone enters this field by receiving strong works with different directors to receive this award.  This year, the judges had a hard time and we saw about 36 magnificent works, each with its characteristics.

After the votes of the main judges, the music of “Sale Pish” by Erfun Khoshdel won the best pop music video of this year.

After this selection, Erfun Khoshdel went behind the microphone to talk for a while and talked a little about his work and the pope, which you can read a summary of below.

Thanks to all the friends who accompanied me in recording this music video.  I put a lot of effort into my work and tried to come to this festival with the best quality.  I am looking for the best and I will soon become one of the Iranian pop stars, thank you to the judges who chose my music video. Erfun Khoshdel is one of the new names in the pop who has been working in this field for several years. His real name is Erfan Khoshdelnikkhoo (born September 8, 1984, Tehran, Iran) is an Iranian musician, singer, and songwriter.

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