HighKey Party’s Miami Events Are Only the Beginning of What Is Yet to Come


During the first week of June, the HighKey team set the bar high for other promoters looking to throw the best party in Miami. In the first-ever live event, a yacht party, the Lintz brothers and their team put together an extraordinary experience for those lucky enough to attend. In addition, the yacht party offered those in attendance unique opportunities that may not be found with other brand promoters, and it was followed the next evening by a mansion party.


A week later, the brothers threw a second mansion party, this time doubling the attendance from the first party. Both of the mansion parties had their own sponsors, including Robby Clark and Dylan Suitor for the first mansion party, and AEVOLVE for the second one.

Musical Talent at a Mansion Party

HighKey works with several musicians who are on their way to extreme stardom. The performers at these mansion parties are some that HighKey, namely the Lintz brothers, work with on a regular basis.

The first party offered fans and patrons the opportunity to hear Blueface, Rich the Kid, and DDG. The second party brought back Blueface and also brought in Lil Pump. In addition, several DJs were there to mix tracks while keeping those in attendance on the dance floor.

The first party featured DJ Dzeko, DJ Ralphy, DJ Christian, and DJ ACX MONEY, while only DJ Christian and DJ ACX MONEY could perform at the second one. In addition, guests from all over came to Miami to party with the HighKey team and their clients.

Famous (and Semi-Famous) People Should Plan to Attend

Several influencers and celebrities grace the different stories of the mansion that HighKey rented for the party. The first guests to make a serious impact on the party included Harry Jowsey and Trey Songz. The second party brought in names like the Faze Clan, DJ Akademiks, Blake Gray, and more. All of these are popular influencers who can be found on social media or YouTube.

Of course, this is only the beginning of what the Lintz brothers have in store for this venture. With the third party already gaining attention on Instagram and people inquiring about ticket sales, the next party is bound to be larger than the previous ones.

Increasing Brand Awareness

What better way is there to get your brand out there than to throw a branded party with hundreds of people in attendance? The more popular the party, the more people who attend, and the more people will be exposed to the HighKey brand and their portfolio of clients looking for the same kind of exposure. Therefore, if you want to be a part of the third mansion party by HighKey, you will want to do the following to reserve your seat:

The official page for all Highkey Party content is @highkeyparty on Instagram.

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