How Etai Drori Encompassed His Brand Through His Fine Attention To Detail


One thing that sets Etai Drori apart from other artists in his niche is the transparency and his eponymous label. His name is clearly on the custom pieces he produces, not another designer or label. His creativity stands out in each piece he creates, which is why he can expand upon his business, adding facilities and additional workers to meet the needs of his clients.

From Drawings and Galleries to Custom Art

At a young age, Etai Drori was heavily interested in the world of art. He was exposed to galleries and was an avid drawer, which soon brought him face-to-face with the design world. He found himself in love with shoes, building his background through customizing, remaking, and developing new shoe designs.

Through shoes, he was able to gain the basic understanding and the technical education necessary to manipulate and work with different types of leather. Once he had gained this understanding, he was able to move on to the construction of other larger items, like bags and more complex pieces.

He is currently looking to grow even more, scaling the business into an even higher-end market. Drori wants to be able to offer customers and clients additional services, such as developing entire rooms (maybe even homes) for the higher-level clientele. That is why much of his brand is based on the creative flexibility and ability to adapt to the needs of his clients. 

Strategies for an Effective Business Brand

Drori is the face of his entire brand, making it more personal for the clients. In addition, the exclusivity of the products he creates makes everything one of a kind, which has played a huge role in the branding of his business as a luxury line. With everything tailor-made, he is setting the bar high for other designers who may fall within the niche.

Customer satisfaction is another area that Drori focuses on. The foundation of the information he gains from clients comes primarily from two sources: social media and word of mouth. There is a lot of time spent interacting and obtaining feedback via social media. He also thrives on repeat customers, word of mouth, and opinions from those who have purchased a product in the past.

One way that Drori has encompassed his brand as an effective one is fine attention to detail. From the number of stitches to the colors used on the leather, he focuses on the luxurious appeal of the item and the craftsmanship involved in making it. Every piece made is held to a high standard—one that Etai Drori attaches his name to. He is always looking to innovate his offerings and provide the best for his clients.

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