Ivano Natale Shares His Goal Of Consistently Updating Himself And His Brand


Working on a living canvas requires a skilled artist, and Ivano Natale has made quite a name for himself in the industry. His gallery is well known around the world, with his list of previous clients including Romanian football player Vlad Chiricheș, Italian rapper Geolier, and Reginald Arvizu (Fieldy) from the American rock band Korn.

Natale’s approach to art is unique and it shows up in his interactions with his clients. The large studio he started with grew into a massive business because of this approach. In addition, his company has established him as one of the go-to artists for high-profile celebrities worldwide.

From Italy to the World

Natale started in a small shop with nothing but a dream and a family to take care of. Despite these restrictions, he was able to work on his dream studio and finally accomplish it in 2015. He never sacrificed quality. Through it all, he has perfected his art; his pieces are breath-taking to behold. According to Natale, “We work around quality as a final result.”

This studio is the brain of Natale’s entire operation. Within this setting, one can notice works of art on display that evoke waves of emotion in the viewer. Some of these pieces were previously owned by museums before finding their way into this collection. The studio isn’t a typical tattoo shop, if it could even be called that. It’s a true gallery of artwork, representing the wide range of styles that Natale and his crew could offer to clients.

Not Your Average Tattoo Shop

“Ninety percent of my clientele flies in from all over the world to Italy to get tattooed,” Natale says. “Some of my customers fly in with their own planes.” Ivano Natale’s work has been featured in magazines worldwide, and he’s been the recipient of over one hundred different awards, but all of these accolades aren’t how he secures clients. His clients come to him because of the bond he forges with them.

Usually, a single tattoo will require several visits. Natale sits and discusses the idea with the client at the first meeting, then they work through designs through each subsequent appointment. Some of these tattoos can be large, requiring multiple sessions. Through close interaction with clients, Natale develops a personal bond with them. “Some of the customers that come to me today are the same ones from 20 years ago,” he says.

Looking at the American Market

Natale has his sights set on expanding his business to the US. He’s already gotten several American artists who are interested in working with him, though Ivano Natale can be picky about his partners. He understands that the quality of his product depends on his reputation. His goal for expanding and scaling his business focuses on updating himself and his brand. “We’re always looking to have a strong presence among the new generation while keeping the loyal ones, both old and new, close to us.”


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