A Productive Working Atmosphere Is One That fosters growth – Dr. Catherine Chang

Catherine chang

Here’s a question for you? Why are employees at Apple and Google far more productive than those who work for lesser well-known brands? Is it because such top-tier brands attract the best in their field? Is it because they are paid better? Is it because they are in constant fear of losing their job? Or is it because they are pushed to daily by the most arduous of taskmasters? The answer is none of the above. They are simply more productive because Apple and Google are two companies that realized a while back that creating the right working environment can work wonders for your team’s productivity. Something which Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Catherine Chang has been advocating for years. Plastic surgery embodies both technical and artistic skills, and in that sense is similar to companies to Netflix and Microsoft who have both helped revolutionize the working environment through the seamless fusion of creativity and technology.

“Working to the clock in a regimented environment where every employee must adhere to strict rules and regulations is a sterile breeding ground for innovative thinkers and dynamic doers,” explained Dr. Catherine Chang, who added, “Such claustrophobic and rigid conditions are fine for a robotic and automated workforce but if you want employees capable of producing the goods and taking your brand to the next level, you need to foster and encourage a working atmosphere that is relaxed, fluid and harmonious.”

As someone who specializes in performing intricate plastic surgery daily, Dr. Catherine Chang has to be constantly on the ball and focused. However, she finds that a relaxed working environment is far more inductive in terms of well-being and productivity than a rigid and clockwork one.

Dr. Catherine Chang revealed, “People shouldn’t dread going to work, they should be excited by it. It’s your quality of work that matters, not quantity, and this rings true for any profession. If someone is passionate about their work and feels part of a team then left to their own devices, they will constantly strive to perform and prove themselves. Yet if there is someone with a metaphorical whip watching over them, telling them what they can and cannot do, all that natural talent, potential, and sense of inclusivity will soon shrivel and die. It’s time to start treating our employees with the respect they deserve and give them the time and space to develop at their speed. I guarantee the results will be well worth it.”

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