5 Reasons Haider Ali from 786 Degrees will make you fall in love with pizza all over again

Haider Ali
Haider Ali

There are dozens if not thousands of pizza spots in California and although finding a decent slice is relatively easy, life-changing pizza is a bit harder to find. Ok, life-changing might be a bit too much, but when passion, talent and tradition come together, the result is one mean pizza pie, and that’s just what I found in 786 Degrees a National international award winning pizza company.

8 times world champion Haider Ali a member of United States Pizza Team is one of the most creative pizzaiolo we have today famously also known as Chef Pizzaiolo Ali, has taken classic Neapolitan pizza to a completely different level defying the norm and adding an inspiring international global feel to each artisanal pizza he serves . If you’re a true pizza fan, you know messing with the classic recipe is a big no-no for Italians, but in this case, it turned out more than fine. Here’s why you want to go take a look and grab a bite.

  1. 786 Degrees Fahrenheit is the Sweet Spot.

According to centenarian Italian pizza traditions, 786 degrees Fahrenheit (418°C) is a perfect temperature for a wood-fired oven to cook pizza in between 60 and 90 seconds. The result? Bubbly goodness! 786 is also considered a lucky number in countries , so it’s the perfect example of Chef Ali’s culinary philosophy —merging the world’s flavors seamlessly. How’s that for a number?

  1. Local Flavors with International Flair.

Chef Ali is known for visiting local farmers’ markets on a weekly basis to source the finest and freshest pizza toppings. Still, he won’t hesitate to have shipped some of the most exclusive ingredients in the world to make his pizzas more than a good bite; they’re a gastronomic experience!

From a Red Pie with San Marzano tomato sauce to a Bombay Tikka Masala with premium saffron. There’s no limit here for creativity. Did someone say Bulgogi Gangnam-Style pizza? You got it. And why not Egyptian garlic yogurt sauce on your award-winning Habibi pizza? Ordering 786 Degree pizza feels like going out for dinner; let’s just say there’s more than pepperoni pizza in this wonderful world.

  1. Classic and Not So Classic.

786 Degrees might just serve the most authentic Napolitana Margherita in town. Chef Ali has genuinely mastered the classics (He’s a certified Italian pizzaiolo, after all). Still, 786 Degrees is more than traditional pizza; it’s a world tour experience in every slice.

Moroccan, Turkish and Indian flavors are well represented in the menu, and so are Mexican , Korean and Classic American . Travel the world through your taste buds in what might just be the most inventive pizzeria in the nation, and we’re talking the big leagues here.

  1. 786 Degrees Gourmet Pizza is all about perfection.

Chef Ali has not left anything behind in the pursuit of serving the best . The wood-fired oven in 786 Degrees is made with bricks built with rocks from Mount Vesuvius, Italy’s most astounding active volcano. The oven was built in Italy by artisans and shipped especially for the charismatic pizzaiolo. It’s easy to see why the pizzas here are amongst the most respected in the global pizza scene.

The menu at 786 degrees might look like a hotpot of worldly ingredients, but the flavor combinations are heavenly. Everything is considered, from the pizza dough and sauce to the last topping.

  1. 786 Degrees Is All About Helping Out

Chef Ali’s pizzeria might be amongst the best in the country, but it’s also one of the most committed to the community. By providing a warm Italian meal to isolated people and the town’s unhoused residents during the Covid crisis, 786 Degrees has made the difference when it matters most with what they do best. Fantastic pizza.

A warm meal, especially when cooked with passion and high-quality ingredients, can make a person’s day and can really improve their attitude towards the current troubling times. The community has always supported 786 Degrees with its preference, so giving back just feels right.

Are you ready to try 786° pizza?

With two locations in California, Sun Valley and Pasadena, and a speedy online ordering service through 786degrees.com, enjoying one of the world’s most regarded pizza is easy, and I promise, it will be quite a ride. Just when you thought you knew pizza, 786 Degrees reintroduces you to the potential of pizza in their unique style and makes you fall in love with pizza all over again .

You can find out more about Haider Ali on his official website or follow him on Instagram, Facebook and Yelp for live updates.



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