What Do You Think of Recyclable Pizza Boxes?

Steak, Mushroom and Caramelized Onion Pizza

Pizza is an American staple. It is loved by almost all age groups. It is the first thing to come to mind when someone thinks “What’s for dinner?” Let’s say you love pizza so much you opened your own restaurant. You have everything set and know exactly how you are going to run the business. One question – have you ever considered the importance of the box? It is probably one of the most overlooked part of the whole business plan. Buy cheap, it gets thrown away afterwards, right? Let me give you a new perspective.

Do you have personalized pizza boxes? Taking the time to personalize your box can be the difference between you and your competitor. For example, let’s say you choose a recyclable option. Showing your concern for the environment can go a long way in your customer’s perception of your business. You are right about them getting thrown away. Did you know that over 3,000,000 pizza boxes are used annually just in the US? That means over 3,000,000 are being thrown away too.

Why Choose Recyclable

A box is a box, right? It does the job of getting the pizza to the customer. Just imagine if the box could be doing two things – protecting the pizza on it way to the customer AND protecting the environment by being recyclable.  Standard packages rarely use recyclable materials. Consequently, they create a load on landfills and burden the environment.

Now Tie in the Brand

The pizza industry is hugely competitive, be the standout. Tie into the brand and tag line that you care about the environment, Your choose to use custom-made recyclable boxes. How? Modern customers are woke individuals. They buy cruelty-free or other eco-friendly products and contribute toward saving the planet in their unique ways. When you pack and deliver pizzas in recyclable boxes or something made with recycled material, your brand will immediately get noticed.

CSR Initiative

The market acknowledges businesses that take care of their corporate social responsibility. Customers also want to encourage you by buying more pizzas from your outlet. Hence, when you invest in recyclable boxes, you save the environment, and customers and the market reward your efforts by recognizing your endeavors. The recyclable boxes use cardboard, corrugated paper, and other similar materials. You can highlight these factors in your social media posts.

Ordering recyclable pizza boxes

Custom design and packaging companies can offer fully recyclable corrugated paper boxes. Some take this game a notch above by introducing elements that double up as built-in plates and containers. Due to this, customers can use the box parts as plates and the container component for storing leftovers. It makes their pizza-eating date enjoyable because they don’t need to arrange anything else. Therefore, look for a company that can meet your needs. Since the material is an essential element, opt for corrugated paper boxes. They are easy to customize and can deliver the item safely too.

Another feature you can explore is the printing quality. The printing ink should be good as it will reflect in the final product through visuals, texts, designs, etc. Some may or may not offer a coating option. It will be best to inquire about what they have or don’t have.

Other Reasons

Why do these peripheral things matter when the focus should be pizza? With so much competition in the market, stand out in the crowd.  By being socially responsible, you give them more than one reason to choose your pizza over others. Plus, custom boxes carry your vision and ideas. The users can feel the personality of the person behind the entire show. So, it’s your opportunity to make them remember you.

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