Unstoppable Waseem Amrohi is lending his star power to a variety of important causes


Waseem Amrohi has been the talk of the town due to his philanthropic initiatives aimed to help the deprived workers residing in Dubai & Abu Dhabi hailing from Indian roots.

In the spirit of being selfless and putting others first, Waseem Amrohi is offering the needy people a steady source of work and emotional support during these tough times of COVID-19 pandemic.

He is also helping the daily wage workers and labourers to get their due respect and compensation. Backing to get the covid-19 vaccine jab to the needy people is also initiated by Waseem Amrohi.

It is not the first time that Waseem Amrohi is seen doing philanthropic activities, he is already doing it for a long time, as working for community upliftment is something that is very close to his heart .

His late father Syed Ateequl Hasan is his true inspiration, he taught him how to remain grounded and empathetic ,no matter what your social status is.

Waseem Amrohi believes in doing his bit for society without creating any hype around it. We all know him for his indomitable worth ethic and sucess in digital ,advertising and movie marketing space.

But not many of us are aware that he puts his best foot forward to also serve the society and has been working continuously for community upliftment without getting his efforts noticed.