Businessman Arpit Dubal – A tale of rags to riches and the mentor behind

Arpit Dubal
Arpit Dubal

Once Oprah Winfrey said, “A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” The statement holds true for one and all. Gujarat based businessman Arpit Dubal shares his rags to riches story and highlights the pivotal role of his guide, mentor and Jain guruji , Jin Chandra Surishwaraji Maharaj Saheb – Savaththi Tirhdham, Bavla. Arpit was struggling in every format and phase at the tender age of 22. There was no one to guide him as he lost his parents in the same year. This was the big blow that he was not expecting that too when he was struggling work wise in his initial working days.

Well, the story of disciple and guruji kickstarted when Arpit was facing tough times and he needed someone to motivate him and enlighten him. At the age of 21, he started experimenting in different fields but failed miserably, nothing was going in his way. Given his young age, the obstacles were indirectly proportional in magnitude. There are times when all your hard work and consistent efforts goes in vain. His condition was worsening with every passing year. This is wherein he met the Jain Guruji, Jin Chandra Surishwaraji Maharaj Saheb.

From that meeting onwards he gained confidence and worked as per guruji’s guidance. The meeting was no less than a miracle. The things started working out gradually for Arpit. His business flourished, he started making huge profits, finally, he was living the success and all the credit goes to his mentor Jin Chandra Surishwaraji Maharaj Saheb. Indeed he was a rag before meeting him but he turned into a rich and successful person. Guruji’s blessings and decisions worked wonders for him. The right choices, decisions propelled his career with an intense speed. At mere age of 26, he gained the title of ‘Millionaire’ and now, at the age of 27 he plans to retire at 35.

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