The Fascinating Journey of Rom Raviv, A Successful Podcast Agency Owner At Just 20


Rom Raviv is a Florida-based successful podcaster. At 20, he has made a good name for himself as a successful entrepreneur in the States. He is the founder of Podblade, a podcasting agency in New York.

Also, Rom has been regularly hosting his own podcast show “Spreading Success” since 2019. His podcast has been widely appreciated and also found an honorable mention on several online websites, including The Wifi Entrepreneur and Success Theory Podcast.

Rom Raviv is a six-figure entrepreneur and he constantly adds new innovation to his business. His company, Podblade, a white label podcast editing firm, currently focuses on helping firm owners and CEOs launch their podcast channels and create their considerable presence.

“Entrepreneurship is my passion. I also love interviewing business barons and tycoons on my podcast. It also offers them a platform to share their success stories with people at large and motivate aspiring entrepreneurs. Whenever the term entrepreneurship comes to mind, people think it’s all about freedom, money, and being one’s own boss. But it has a lot to do with one’s hard work, initial struggle, failures, financial loss, and many other forms of sacrifices, which often go unnoticed. I have invited successful entrepreneurs like David Meltzer, Grant Cardone, and several others to my podcast show,” Rom Raviv said.

Podblade is a team of 12 sincere, dedicated, and hardworking individuals who have a common goal of taking Podblade to a greater height. And the company is moving in that exact direction. The company’s popularity and growth have been fully organic. The company didn’t spend a single penny towards advertising or online promotional drives.

Earlier people used Google Drive to share files for editing purposes. All other points were also discussed through emails, comments, and revisions. But the process is very complicated when you have several podcast episodes to edit. That is why Rom came up with the idea of Podblade, which aimed at making podcast editing easy and quick. The company uses an online system to integrate all files, payments, and chats in one place, through which other members can also take the necessary action and discuss with a client if needed. Within a couple of years, Podblade has become extremely popular among podcasters. It has successfully helped more than 200 podcasters in over 25+ genres.

Podblade also offers White Label Podcast services to its clients. The company spearheads online digital marketing campaigns for its clients by integrating personal branding and online reputation management into its services.

Podblade also provides flawless logo designing services, which enhances a podcaster’s online presence and visibility.

Rom Raviv is now taking his venture to a greater height. He believes Podblade is the next big thing in the podcasting sector. Rom wants to make it the biggest podcast agency in the world. Apart from Podblade, Rom also wants to make his podcast show “Spreading Success” more popular among listeners. Currently, Spreading Success is ranking within the top 100 podcasts relating to the business genre.

Rom’s journey was not easy. When he first started his podcast venture at the age of 18, he had to spend a lot of time on it. He spent more than 10 hours per podcast episode for editing, audio adjustment, and video shoot. The rest of the time was spent on social media sharing and making notes. And that’s when an idea struck in Rom’s mind, and he thought of starting his own podcast agency.

Rom Raviv is also quite active on his Instagram handle. Here, he regularly shares interesting selfies with inspirational captions. He also interacts with his fans and followers on social media.

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