Work, Life, Balance, Gustavo Geraldes Share’s his Secret to Managing Obstacles.

Gustavo Geraldes
Gustavo Geraldes

Gustavo Geraldes, entrepreneur and founder of Home Sales Club continues to impress in the world of buying and selling homes by maintaining the consistency and support to produce effective sales for individuals across the United States. Home Sales Club takes the pains away from selling your home by doing the hard work for you and leaving you with a stress-free selling experience.

Similar to many, Gustavo didn’t start out with the plan for entrepreneurial life. He first became inspired as a younger boy watching his parents work day in and day out for he and siblings. He mentions that more often than not they’d be gone for work well before he woke up in the mornings and frequently get home later after he’d already gone to sleep. Watching his parents tirelessly work to provide for his family solidified the thought in Gustavo that he must do the best he could. He often dreamt that when he grew older, he would buy a large house for he and his family to live in and that his parents would finally get a chance to retire and live a more leisurely life.

He went on to attend university and though many of his peers went on to find jobs in entry level careers in their fields, he knew this was not the direction for him. He understood this was not the journey that would provide him the future he was seeking. Having parents who worked hard was one of Gustavo’s greatest take-aways, and he knew he would continue to work hard until creating a position that would ultimately lead him to entrepreneurialism.
One important aspect of becoming an entrepreneur is managing a balance between work and leisure. He expresses that time management was a struggle for him for many months and for a period of his life he spent as many as 18 hours a day working on a computer. He explains that he seldom socialized outside of the necessary things he had to do and often had bloodshot eyes due to the strain staring a screen was beginning to cause. He knew burning himself out was something that would eventually become an issue and began to create goals that involved setting aside time for exercise, his family and friend relationships as well leisure.

Gustavo tells that it is common for new entrepreneurs to get caught up in the initial start-up and will end up sacrificing their mental, physical and emotional health for the success of their companies. He made certain that in order to be entirely successful he could not jeopardize these things in exchange for financial gain and began his journey to balance his work and personal life.

In addition to tackling this obstacle, he has made great efforts in taking part in philanthropic ventures that pertain to mental health. Due to his own sacrifices and struggles, he recalled how important it was to maintain a solid state of mind and has made multiple connections for getting involved with companies that help overcome mental health concerns.

To learn more about Home Sales Club, please visit  You can also keep up with Gustavo himself via his Instagram @gustavogeraldes

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