In blood color to the love of carpenter


    Painting and poetry as two arts which are closely related to the thoughts and individual interests are a reflection of common religious beliefs and mystical related symbols.

    Painting and poetry are both poured from the same source and are in line with the thoughts and ideas of the author. Mysticism is known as the connecting lever of these two artistic disciplines. It is the source of many exciting inspirations for artworks.

    One of the most talented and popular artists whom the affection of theology’s meanings is obvious and understandable clearly is Yalda Dousti, she recently announced the release of a new collection called “The Last Season”, which includes 13 surreal-style works painted in oil.

    This collection expresses about a girl’s first experiences in the face of the concepts and meanings of mysticism and theology, and so all the artworks are on her personal experiences.

    She became acquainted with philosophy and mysticism and fell in love with the enclosing space and its deep structure Through one of her friends. Later, according to her, she could not stop searching and seeking in this field, and the more she studied, the more she was immersed in its endless world.

    According to Rumi, a popular Iranian poet and mystic, on one side of the universe is the infinite God, the soul and spirit of the world, and on the other side is the finite and constantly conflicting world. All contradictions belong to plurality, and plurality eventually returns to unity.

    In Eastern mysticism, when the mortal world fades for a man, and he reaches the touch of love for his Lord and only Beloved, he experiences the connection with his origin again, and this connection, even as a small drop of seawater, is boundless with passion, enthusiasm And the taste that is the base of art and its creation.

    Therefore, this artist encountered with the planetary world has caused her to create the last season collection, a collection that came in one of the most difficult moments of her life, and it was a spiritually saving hand and a warm embrace for her and the painting took her to refuge the darkness and light of life.

    She has made this collection in a surreal style to convey the untouchable and intangible experiences to the viewer in the best way by this technique, and she also uses oil painting for the originality that it causes, but what has inspired her works more than the others. And it has caused her not only to show the mystical form of mystical experiences, but also to be a part of those experiences and a part of the painter himself. She used her blood and had mixed her blood with resin and then colored a part of her paintings as a symbol of pain.

    She used that To better express her savvy of human suffering; because in her opinion, a painting that is drawn because of a person’s feelings, not market issues, always have a part of that person in themselves like the famous people’s works.

    And because each person’s blood is the main and most vital part of his body and people have shown their ultimate love and affection by sacrificing and shedding blood since past, this is also true about Yalda to leave a part of herself and express her unconditional love in her works, which is also a proof of the originality of her works.

    And this closeness feeling to God, as well as unification with other human beings and with her origin, has caused her to decide to use this collection for mankind happiness and to resolve problems of people, so about 60 to 70% of the selling cost of her works will spend on charity so that this carpenter is a source of God’s love and her art is a means of expressing this love.

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