Joel Henry Believes Being a Travel Influencer is Worthy if One Doesn’t “Sell Out” to Save Some Money


In the digital world, the introduction of social media platforms has given birth to travel influencing. Many people aspire to become a travel influence because it gives them a freedom to work from different locations. 

Hence, it really adds to the fun in their lives on a large scale. However, the intense competition in the travel influencing industry has only left the place for only passionate people. Travel influencer, Joel Henry, is one such name in this context. 

He is writing his success story as a travel influencer, creative photographer, and entrepreneur. One can visit his Instagram profile to see his creative photography after traveling to various places. 

Being a travel influencer for some time, Joel Henry has come across a very important question, “Is being a travel influencer really worthy?” In his viewpoint, travel influencing involves targeting a certain group of people to present them with suitable content of their likings. 

Joel Henry believes travel influencers don’t just focus on traveling but they also take care of their audience’s interests. Joel Henry personally doesn’t like influencers who “sell out” to bring home a poor collaboration for saving some bucks. 

He himself only does very few collaborations with tourist organizations because he considers they don’t offer a convenient time/cost ratio. In order to explain this thing in simple words, Joel Henry gives an important example. 

He says if a travel influencer gets paid € 100 for each hour of work then he will save € 250 through the collaboration for working 5 hours. He says it will result in a loss of money for a travel influencer which is an unfair deal. 

Many travel influencers visit places and show poor content to their followers just to save money. Joel Henry believes it is a poor and ridiculous practice which only suits non-professional people willing to save money by traveling. 


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