Meet RJ Dixi – Gujarat’s popular name who enlightens the importance of health and fitness in daily life

RJ Dixi
RJ Dixi

Fitness is not just about physical wellbeing. It has more to do with the overall wellbeing of an individual. While many had this notion that a regular workout enhances a person’s development, but things have drastically changed, and health has become everyone’s priority in the last few years. It would not be wrong to consider overall health as a universal phenomenon. Overall wellbeing is important to every person, be it a celebrity, a corporate employee, an artist or a college-going student. Emphasizing the need for good health, Gujarat-based media personality RJ Dixi has time and again inspired people to stay fit across all levels.

Originally known by her name Dixita Wagheshwari, the RJ never makes an excuse when it comes to exercises. “Everyone has 24 hours in a day. Time is equal for one and all. What matters the most is how you utilize time effectively”, says RJ Dixi. Currently working at Radio City 91.1 FM, the enthusiastic personality that she carries is a result of the disciplined routine that she is following for years. Based in Ahmedabad, a day in RJ Dixi’s life begins at 4 AM. Before her prime-time morning show that begins at 7 in the morning, she ensures that she does yoga and meditation for a calm and meditative mind.

Additionally, RJ Dixi also explains that workout and good nutrition is a part and parcel of her healthy lifestyle. “As an RJ, I have to be at the radio station at around 6:30 AM. Before I begin my day, I make sure to plan my day and set targets for the day. Cheating on health is like cheating on yourself. For me, good health is like an investment that will give good returns in the long run”, said the RJ. Even during her show and interactive sessions on radio, RJ Dixi inspires people to the importance of staying fit. On several occasions, she has actively initiated and participated in fitness challenges to bring a positive impact on people’s lives.

With an experience of more than a decade, RJ Dixi is considered to be one of the finest names across Gujarat. Formerly worked at Reliance Big FM in Vadodara and Red FM in Ahmedabad and Rajkot, this versatile personality has brought significant change among everyone. Being a voice for millions of people across Gujarat, RJ Dixi says that it is her key responsibility to empower the people with the best knowledge and happenings across the country. Today the RJ is widely looked upon by girls and women who have always dream of achieving the best in life. We hope that the dynamic personality continues with her incredible work, and may she continue to inspire women all over India.

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