Fooz Molhama Urges People to Contribute Towards Relief Amidst The COVID-19 Crisis


The pandemic has been a detriment in all aspects of our lives, though we can at least admit that some have had it worse than others. Much of the world is grappling with recurrent waves of the worst public health crisis the world has seen in a century. Look at the explosion of coronavirus cases in India, a country where most of its population lives below the poverty line. We now, more than ever, recognize the need to share the little we have with those who don’t, as Fooz Molhama has been urging the world all along.

Founder of the Molhama organization for electronic publishing, Fooz Molhama has been expressing his passion for e-books, e-courses, audiovisual articles, and blogs since 2018. In three years, the company has become a success, producing bestselling books each year. In addition to this, more than ten thousand trainees have received electronic courses from Molhama. Just before the pandemic rocked the world, the company had established its social media presence, giving it a unique edge.

Over the course of the pandemic, Fooz Molhama has seen businesses crumble and families go hungry all over the world. Molhama describes it as a trying time for humanity, saying, “Even as we live and adjust to an era of social distancing, we mustn’t forget to connect with our neighbors and contribute in any way possible to those in need.”

From what Fooz has observed of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re not out of the woods, and our efforts will help the world avoid a different kind of crisis. With over 150 million cases of Coronavirus recorded in the world, we need to recognize that this is beyond a health crisis. Every one of us is affected in some way or another.

Leading by example, Molhama has supported local communities by providing essentials and, through his company, helping trainees in their social, intellectual, and developmental growth. “It is so important that we all come together to help everyone survive this crisis and eventually get back on their feet. It is crucial that we don’t leave anyone behind,” he says.

Fooz Molhama shows us how we can stand up for humanity in a trying time, and he is urging everyone to contribute towards relief efforts. “It will take each one of us, in every little way, to beat this pandemic.” It is not just about bettering our local communities; it is about saving humanity.

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