MP Todd Dougherty says, “Trudeau government fails to act on national three-digit suicide prevention hotline”


OTTAWA – The CRTC is seeking public input on a motion passed by Parliament to create a national three-digit suicide prevention hotline.

Todd Doherty, Conservative Special Advisor for Mental Health and Wellness, and Richard Martel, Conservative Quebec Political Lieutenant, issued the following statement on the proposed national three-digit suicide prevention hotline:

“Today, 174 days since Parliament passed a motion to create a national three-digit suicide prevention hotline, the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) announced that a consultation process has opened and will continue through the summer to September 1st 2021.

“This delay is unacceptable. Despite the support of mental health organizations, parliamentarians, and Canadians, Liberal inaction has meant that a three-digit suicide prevention hotline has yet to be implemented.

“The simple fact is that Liberal inaction on this lifesaving initiative will lead to unnecessary struggling at a time when the mental health of Canadians is being put to the test. Conservatives have been clear: now is not the time for more consultations, it’s time for action.

“Canadian’s cannot afford any more delays when it comes to implementing a national three-digit suicide prevention hotline. That is why Canada’s Conservatives are calling on the Trudeau Liberals to prioritize the mental health of Canadians and implement a three-digit national suicide prevention hotline immediately without any further delays.