CRTC Approves New Indigenous Languages Channel for APTN

The Walk for Fort McMurray is gaining Canada wide exposure from CBC, CTV, APTN and NetNewsLedger along with print media
Pre-COVID-19 Image - The Walk for Fort McMurray is gaining Canada wide exposure from CBC, CTV, APTN and NetNewsLedger along with print media

Historic Milestone for Indigenous Broadcasting in Canada

TREATY 1 TERRITORY, WINNIPEG, Man. — In a significant development for Indigenous media in Canada, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has approved APTN’s proposal to revise its service conditions, paving the way for the launch of a dedicated Indigenous languages channel. Click here for the CRTC decision details.

The restructuring will see APTN consolidate its current four-channel lineup into two comprehensive channels:

  1. APTN: A unified channel featuring programs in English and French.
  2. APTN Languages: A new channel dedicated solely to programming in various Indigenous languages.

Monika Ille, CEO of APTN, expressed her enthusiasm for the new channel: “We are excited to create the new APTN Languages channel that will expand APTN’s reach and enhance our services,” she said. “This is a key moment in the history of Indigenous Peoples, and APTN has a fundamental role to play in protecting and revitalizing our languages. The CRTC’s decision is a vital step forward and aligns with the recent amendments to the Broadcasting Act, which aim to elevate Indigenous languages to the same level of recognition as English and French in Canadian broadcasting.”

This decision comes as a part of ongoing efforts to boost the presence and preservation of Indigenous languages across Canada, providing them with a platform for growth and revitalization.

About APTN

Launched in 1999, APTN was the first national Indigenous broadcaster globally and has since emerged as a leading figure in the representation of Indigenous cultures. Reaching over 9 million Canadian households, APTN commits to delivering content that respects and celebrates the diversity of Indigenous Peoples on Turtle Island and worldwide. With over 80% Canadian content, APTN not only serves as a crucial cultural resource but also operates APTN lumi, an Indigenous-focused streaming service.

Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting development.

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