A young artist and entrepreneur, Mexed is making it big in the industry, find out more!


Mexed is a musical artist hailing from northern France who worked his way up to make his name in the music industry. He is on for a big entry and has now moved to Miami to release his next. The young artist has previously worked on 5 videos in just two years.

20 is a very young age for someone to start off on such a big platform, but Mexed has done everything to have earned it. He discovered his passion when he heard his friend play for the first time he felt like this was his calling and decided to pursue it.

Apart from his keen interest in music, Mexed also runs his own successful influencer marketing agency. He believes that hard work can get an individual to achieve anything they like in life and follows the same thumb rule for his life.

Talking further about the same, he shares, “I have worked hard to come this far to have 6 tracks all prepped up. I was lucky to have found my passion at an early age, but it is not easy to maintain touch with my musical side and continue to run my business.”

He further adds, “But I love it, I love the hustle and my achievements feel much bigger later.”

The young entrepreneur continues to share, “I try to organize myself with Leyth and his studio in the evening, and in the afternoon I work on my company. The advice I would give is that no matter how long it takes you have to believe in yourself and never give up.”

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