Greg Moneyman Jones Has Become The Real Big Face In The Modern Mixtapes Industry

Greg Moneyman Jones
Greg Moneyman Jones

If you’re looking for an exciting artist to become newly obsessed with, then we have a solution in the form of Greg Jones. Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, Greg Moneyman Jones popular by the stage name Greg Jones, is a renowned mixtape artist, producer, promoter and event organiser. He is a versatile artist who has a unique drive that continues to push him forward throughout the journey and also makes him celebrate the devoted 9 years.

It isn’t just his drive that has pushed him forward though, and his massive amounts of talent shines through so naturally within every original production that he ever blends. Crediting exotic beats as the inspiration, and ultimately a success behind all the popular tracks, he draws his inspiration from daily life which makes his tracks so fun yet easy to connect to. It’s these groovy tunes that gave Greg the loyal fanbase that he still has, and whilst it is growing in numbers, he still stays humble and continues to work hard on securing his career’s longevity.

From working with the top-most celebrities like Migos, Rich Homie Quan, Gucci Mane and more, to himself stand out as a prominent name, Greg has so far proved that if one never gives up on dreams and keeps on working hard, he has the power in his hands to flip the game and to appeal as the only one in the masses. His gentleness for the budding artist by helping them provide his mixtapes, is what sets him apart from the crowd and makes him the biggest competition.

Today, Greg’s blends are trending all over the internet and his natural talent just makes people gravitate towards him, and it’s clear to see why with his captivating voice and irresistible melodies that flow so naturally, making for more than an enjoyable listening experience.

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